Fatal error and loss of graphics performance

Game mode: [Single-player]
Type of issue: [Performance - PC]
Server type: [SP]
Region: [Europe]

Since the last patch was released, the game stopped on its own due to various unspecified fatal errors.
I also had to check the integrity of the game files several times to access and play.

These errors are not constant, but now much more frequent than before.

In conjunction with the fatal errors, the game started to show graphic difficulties that it did not have before.
Many glitches/freeze appeared during the movement, the fight and when you serach in the inventory.
They don’t make the game unplayable, but it seems like the program is struggling to load or has a loss of graphics optimization.

Will it be the garbage collector again?

It seems to me that the game is less stable …

Please provide a step-by-step process of how the bug can be reproduced. The more details you provide us with the easier it will be for us to find and fix the bug:

1.Play CE
2.If you are unlucky during the game the word FATAL ERROR will appear
3.The game closes by itself and if you are unlucky you have to check the integrity of the files to be able to log back on.
4.Small glitches/freeze during movement, combat and search in the inventory.

Hey @Zardoz

Are you playing with any mods installed?

Yes, i have installed and active:

  • Pickup+
  • Conan Sexiles 3.1.4
  • Stygian Building Kit
  • River_ Boats_of_ the_Exiled_Lands
  • Jungle Building Set

I don’t think the mods downloaded, but not active affect the game, or is it?

Could it be one of the mods installed to create both graphic and fatal errors?

Have any of the other players had similar problems?

Did you check GPU temperature and drivers?

Was an issue for me in the past.

I can recommend using MSI Afterburner for higher cooler speed.

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I had these glitch / freeze problems when there was a problem with the garbage collector (later solved by Funcom).

The biggest freeze is always when I try to access the menu of a workbench, a wardrobe, myself …
In this case the freeze lasts about 20-40 sec.

It doesn’t always happen. The highest frequency is when the game starts.

Also the icons of work benches, wheel of pain, etc. they take a long time to load. However, once the obstacle of the first opening has been overcome, the menus go as usual.

My drivers are ok, but the graphics card fans work hard when I play Conan.

Even the heat rises. The case becomes a small oven … eh eh. I’m joking.

However I have a PC and graphics card that is powerful enough to hold Conan and run it without problems.

The increase in heat and the high-speed fans have always caused me some doubts, but I think it’s normal. It is not a light game to run.

I had even Overwatch crash on my PC several times despite medium settings on a GTX1070ti. It’s not super uncommon, has more to do with case architecture and the way the game is processed than actual computing power.

Using MSI AFterburner and turning up the fan speed helped 100%.

So, as a processor I have:

  • AMD FX ™ -6300 Six.Core-Processor 3.5GHz
    cooled by a very silent and powerful fan. I don’t remember the brand.

I have 16GB RAM.

the graphics card is one:

  • VAPOR-X R9 200 series with 2GB of ram with 3 fans.

The game’s graphics are set high on most options. A couple are on ultra and grass details on medium.

Would you suggest lowering the game’s graphics to medium?
I’ve never had these problems before.

Apart from the fans always at maximum and an increase in heat, which I repeat, it seems normal to me as Conan works.

How high is your temperature?

I would cut down shadows and foliage, these are the least (non-conciously) visible ones despite their big impact on hardware, maybe even effects (dunno all settings off-hand). Render-range works wonders too. I run the game on ultra but my GPU is much stronger. Before that I had a GTX960 and ran a medium/high setup. I am guessing you don’t use a 290 but something below that, but just in case I put it in for comparison.


I don’t know how to give you a precise data about the temperature, but it heats up a lot (how much to make video rendering with an i3 … eh eh eh eh)

OK thanks!
I will try to lower the graphics of the foliage and shadows to medium.
Plus I see lowering other voices from high to medium.
Down ultra settings I take them to high.

So I see if it gets better with heat and fans.

The rest of the problems (fatal errors, glitches / freezes in the menus, when you move, etc …) seem instead problems of stability of the game. Similar to the problem with the garbage collector.

I’m waiting for a response from Funcom.

The same tool checks for temperature.

Maybe I found the cause and Ignasis’ doubt about the mods might be right.
Searching on steam community I found something about on the mod:

  • River_ Boats_of_ the_Exiled_Lands

Looking through steam’s comments, here’s what came out:

MAX said on 17 of may:
“Our server is self hosted, an i7 with 16GB RAM, we’ve used it for years with many UE4 based games, Ark, Citadel, and now conan, it does fine, total ram usage does not go over 6GB (conan), it’s not a server related issue, it’s an FPS drop on clients gaming rigs. Without this mod there are no frame drops, well, for me at least.”

The author said on 27 of may:
"May 27 Hot Fix Sorry for inconvenience !

  1. Texture Issues that may cause crashes for some servers."

So both, the collapse of FPS and the various fatal errors, can be given by the mod.
I try to uninstall it and see if the situation is better.

I think the freezes on the menus are derived from something else …

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Hey @Zardoz

Please let us know if uninstalling this mod helps with your issue :slight_smile:

I need only the time to do it.
Tomorrow i’ll give you a response.

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Has nothing to do with temperature or mods. I’m getting the same issue all day today and it is overly frustrating. Constant freezeups, inventories delay, sometimes its loading something behind it all and it can take up to 30 seconds before it even opens up a thrall inventory.

edit: the only issue I dont get is the fatal error. But the performance of the game is completely off today (I mentioned this in my own ticket as well which was initially more opened for the whole issue I have with thralls/pets fighting with npc’s and doing zero damage (but take damage) unless I walk right up to them.

Its like the entire loading of the game is compromised in a variety of ways.

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The only time I experience this is when first loading the online game. To localize it as an overview, I ran Taskmaster in the background and low update speed this morning. True to my luck, the slow loading did not happen and I could recognize the spikes corresponding to Steam login and game loading in the Ethernet and GPU tabs of Performance, perhaps a minor CPU spike. All seemed normal, since the slow loading did not happen.

My GTX1080 GPU in-game is running around 70%, which is fine for me although I would prefer 80-90%. Good ventilation and good use of the GPU resources.

I will, however, continue to log Taskmaster data for when it returns.



edit: actually, i got fatal error twice yesterday after my post.
again, no mods here on my end.
and really long stuttery loads, inventory freezes, and enemy npc getting stuck like its not loaded unless I go right next to it.

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I tried disabling the following mods:

  • Stygian Building Kit - because I don’t use it and it hasn’t been updated for a long time.
  • River_ Boats_of_ the_Exiled_Lands - to see to eliminate the fall of FPS and the various fatal errors.

Plus I lowered the game graphics between high and medium.


  1. Lower the graphics actually makes the fans work less. The heat seems to have fallen a little. However when I run Conan my PC pushes hard, but then again, it seems normal to me.
    It has not solved the problems of loading the menus, the glitches of movement and some difficulty in loading the game.

  2. Disabling the mods has not solved the freeze / glitch problems and the graphic and loading problems persist.

  3. I had no more fatal error messages, but I only played 3h. I need more playing time to test better.

Exact! We have the same problems.
It seems that game has lost some stability (they are all recent problems) or has lost part of the graphic optimization. I don’t know … I’m not a programmer …

Does anyone else have the same problem?

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We’ll send note to our team so they can look on our end if there’s been any changes that could explain this behavior.

Thank you! :slight_smile:

I have an update:

  • after the 30/05 patch the freeze on menu loading are more serious.
    They occur during the game and not just at the opening of the game.
    First this bug allowed the loading of the boxes containing the icons, but empty. Now it is difficult to load both the boxes and the icons they contain. Before the patch the problem of loading the menus lasted only for 20-40 sec now it is much longer.
    When the game starts, all menus go into freeze as soon as you try to open them. After starting the problem is intermittent. It doesn’t happen all the time, but often enough.

  • The game continues to have difficulty loading during the movement. Nothing serious, but it is perceived.

  • There have been no fatal errors for now. For those that happened in the past I always sent (when it was possible) the report to Funcom.

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could be the case for some I guess. Not here though. My power supply is strong enough to handle x3 my rig. New gpu too. And the temperatures are at 35degrees.

Conan is in fact the only game they go so high on (temperatures) yet even then its around 60degrees to 70.

Other games are hardly an issue. Tested some heavier titles too. Doom and For Honor for example run with no problems and hardly have as much heat on them (and on higher graphics), and tested a few mmo’s as well that are not as graphically demanding but have large worlds. Except BDO which is both. That game however crashes after 10mins because, well, the developers are (sorry to say this) a bunch of incompetent idiots that can’t fix a single bug the last year that has like 20% of the clients crash after 5-10 mins of being in the game… Point being, graphically and loading wise, even that works fine for those 10mins before its usual crash happens from other bugs.

Having less things to load on a new character in CE does help. But that is not a solution (that being, on the new server I am lvl 17 and have like 1 box, 1 artisans table, and half a building… if it froze on those too then something would be really off putting. The fact that it doesnt is also even further proof that it has nothing to do with the rig but server/code side).

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