BUG - Game freezes after opening the item wheel


everytime I open up my item wheel the game has like a 80% chance of freezing.
The game freezes for about 2-3 seconds and will continue afterwards, which could be enough to get me killed.
I already had it happen to me once where I was running towards a lift and opened my wheel after which the game froze, whilst the game froze my character kept running and ran of a cliff after which I died.
I’m having this issue since the DLC update.

I have only played on PvE servers.
I don’t use mods.

PC specs:
-Intel Corea i7 4820K 3,7 GHz
-Asus 2011 P9X79
-16GB ram
-Nvidia Geforce GTX 1080 Strix Gaming
-(No SSD)

random question; Does this happen to you on both singleplayer and multiplayer?

Ive had this same bug happen to me. Im on a single player game. I do not have the dlc yet BTW

never had similar bug, and i played lot, and in SP and on server.

Maybey some pc-specs would be helpfull, are you running your game on ssd ? Did you a check-files, start a new game to try if this happens also on a new save in SP. ?
Some mods ?

hmm well I can tell you I Didnt have this problem until a bit ago. Might be a mod as I play with them. I havent had the guts to get rid of alot of my mods since the ones I use make my solo experience easier.

I have had this issue for a few updates and I can say that when it happens I can hear my hard drive chewing away. I really need a nice new M.2 drive.
Not really sure if it is your issue, but something to consider.

i don’t know which mods you’re running. I love mods, and use them in most games i can. They add much more to my games, i think it’s same for you.

But mods can impact your game in a heavy way. Conan is a new game, and many mods are just outdated after release. Some may still work fine, other don’t, or will make your game struggle lot.

I think it’s important to check and the description very well, but also if the mod is updated. Many mods needed some fix after the last patches. I would i could give an easy solution, but mostly the only way is testing each mod, one per one, finding the culprit if this is the case.

And yes, a good ssd to run the game, good hardware for a server are important for a smooth gaming experience to.

Good luck !

I mean I had like 11 mods running…scaled it back to 5. I think my harddrive is outdated aswell…hell my whole computer is probably since I built it like 3 1/2 years ago or more. I know hardware…but software Im a pleb. I tested a brand new game with no mods( even took the mods out of their steam folder) and ran the game. It did the same thing. The mods might cause a bit of an issue but I think my problem really started happening when they sent a patch not this past fir but the one before.

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I have only played on PvE servers since the DLC update

I have this since two testlive patches, I figure this is the current live patch now. Its annoying, dont use mods and decreasing quality to low or medium dosent fix it.