How many of you are able to play this game?

So, my game freezes after I play it couple of minutes. Last weekend I was able to play couple of days, then yesterday the game started freezing again.

Just asking, is there any one who doesn’t have problems with this game? And those of you who are able to play, what kind of pc do you have?

I was thinking to buy a new graphics card and I would like to know what works with this game?

After they fixed the FLS connection issue I was able to play. I was not able to play from June 16th on for a few months. Now, on a private server, the only problem I have is walkin on air once and awhile. My computer is not all that big. 8gb ram 4gb video card 3tb hdd

Almost every known piece of hardware works on UE4.

Reinstall the game, after removing check the library if everything really got removed.

Make sure the divers (and Windows updates) are correctly installed, Jayz2cents made a video about this a while ago on how to do it:

Make sure you have a good enough power supply, older ones will decay even if that was enough at the time you made or bought your PC. In Conan, both GPU and CPU get loaded and might trigger a powerspike shortage.

If this all didn’t work… you can always try newer hardware… but its hard for me to know what causes your crashes for now…

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I’ve been playing since 2018 and never had issues getting into game.

First PC had i7 4790K CPU, GTX 970 GPU
Laptop has i7 7700HQ CPU, GTX 1070* GPU
Second PC has i7 8700K CPU, GTX 1080Ti GPU

*full sized GPU, they literally built the laptop around it.

So I can confirm that just about any Intel/Nvidia setup will work. No idea about AMD setups. All running Windows 10 (though first PC used Windows 7 for a bit, but I think that was pre-Conan).

Though if you’re looking for help troubleshooting, telling us what you’re working with can shed some light. Or at least get a starting point.

Try swapping for a SSD, that should mitigate the walking on air over foundation issue. Though for very large structures logging out on solid ground also helps.

Thanks for the tip. Yeah I may try another hard drive after I get a bit of money saved up.

I play with very few problems.
Sometimes I freeze on Official Servers, but not that often,
Minor lag occasionally, unless I’m on a distant higher ping server, then the lag is more frequent.
For some reason I can connect to the EU better that the West coast USA. I’m in the Eastern USA.
And I get the walking on air bug, but relogging or running out of render range fixes it.

In SP and on my private server, I have no problems.

PC AMD Phenom II X6, Radeon HD 6950, 16G Corsair DDR, 1T Sata 3 SSD
64 bit Windows 10 Home Premium. Yes it’s an almost 10 year Old system :slight_smile:
And I have Fiberoptic internet.

Everything works fine for me, no crashes whatsoever, even heavily modded (27 mods active) with big structures. I play in singleplay only though.

R9 280X, i5 4570, 16 GB RAM, game is installed on a SSD.

Obviously my settings are turned down to medium so I have at least 30 - 40 FPS when being near my huge buildings or in NPC crowded areas like Sepermeru.

First thing to do is reseat (not reset) the graphics board. Expect it to be heat sensitive, so you might need an extra fan even after you reseat the card.

I never had crashing issues, but lately I have huge lag and load issues on official servers. I would say when that happens I am NOT able to play.
My hardware and connection is the same as it always was. I would blame the game at this point and not advise anybody to update their hardware for a game that might give them issues anyways.

I haven’t had any issues with FLS or freezes. Occasionally, I may experience some micro stuttering but that is about it. I also play on a private server with stable 60 sFPS and low ping.

ASUS GeForce GTX 1080Ti
i7-7700K 4.2 GHz
SSD + Win10

I know that i don’t belong so much in this topic because i am ps4 player, but…
I own a ps4 5 years old, not the pro, just the simple one. It sounds like a helicopter when i play conan, yes but…
I don’t crush anymore,when i play ESO i crush, but on conan i have to crush 8 months now, so…
I play better than before, sorry

I have a AMD Ryzen 3 2300X Quad-Core processor x64 based
8.00 GB system Ram
AMD Radeon RX 5700 XT video card with 8 GB of onboard Ram
I have a terabyte HDD and 250 GB SSD
The game usually runs smooth as silk in ultra, but lately I have been getting the running in air and mild rubber banding issues. It is not a game stopper, just really annoying. I also get the occasional freeze.

My first PC I listed had similar components in the case before I upgraded it, just a generation or two older in every way. Like a Phenom II X4, HD 5670, I’m almost tempted to fire that one up in a random case just to see if it could run Conan. Probably badly. Though I think the biggest hurdle would be an OS, I don’t quite have a Win10 key to spare, and that one ran Vista.

You said you had only minor lag, what settings are you running at? My curiosity is peaked.

Edit because I remembered wrong, so here is a screen cap.
Fullscreen 1920x1080

I can turn everything up and still play, but my frame rate drops and the game stutters.

I will upgrade eventually, but right now it works well enough that I can’t see dropping $1k to $4k on a new rig.

edit: Started out with Win 7, took the free upgrade to Win 10, and I switched to SSD last year.
at the time of purchase the Radeon 6950 bench tested as the best budget Vid card available.

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I’ve had to drop to settings very similar to what you posted above. It was really odd since I’ve been running on Ultra settings until about a few weeks ago, but now I’m getting a massive fps drop.

I just had all my hardware checked out and everything is good. So I wonder if the last few patches did something to really reduce optimization?

Post processing is what I think slows things down. For me anyway, if I turn that down and foliage I’m ok.

I’m running a Dell Optiplex 9020:
i7-4790 3.6 Ghz Quad Core
nVIDIA GeForce GTX 745 4GB DDR3
Windows 7 Professional 64-bit

Well that’s not half bad. :+1:

The only crashes I had so far were from mods that became incompatible with updates, and from some updates themselves (needed to verify local files to repair that).
Other than that I have only the walking-on-air problem when logging in, which I can correct by leaving render distance an returning.

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