Playability issues on pc for Conan - Jerky play

Just started playing Conan but having huge issues even on the lowest graphic settings as it jerks about as i try to move in combat or even just running about the area harvesting resources. I have tried with anti alaising off and on but no change. I am not playing online, simply in single player mode atm.

PC: Core i7 -2600k 3.4 ghz
Graphics Radeon RX580 (yes I know its a few years old but it’s above the min spec required for Conan)
16 gig of brand new ram (DDR3)

I have updated all drivers that I can think. I have scanned both the SSD and the ordinary hard drive for errors - came back as no error or bad sectors, I have virus checked the pc. I have defragged and run memory diagnostics. That told me I had memory issues hence the new ram. Made didly squat difference to game play once installed. Both hard drives have ample space - one has a third left and one has half left, so capacity is no issue. My Radeon software is showing I am averaging about 33 fps during game play. My husband’s pc which is the main gaming rig and much newer and higher spec, runs the game fine at the same time as I am running my game so i assume it can’t be an internet based issue as his pc has no connection issues. What else can I check? what ever the issue is, it making game play stupidly hard as combat is a real issue due to the fact that everything jumps as I try to move and suddenly I find I am facing the mob getting my head handed to me on a plate rather than leaping gracefully about and stabbing it in the back. I have had the task manager performance tab running in the back ground today as I played and tabbed out to check it from time to time. My cpu, ram or gaphics cards were not showing stupidly high usage as I played so I am not sure what else to check now. Previously I was playing Valheim so very basic but no performance issues there.
Thank in advance for your thoughts :slight_smile:

Your CPU is is extremely old (2010). The recommended specs have a CPU that is two years newer than the one you are using, but to be fair, even that would be a bit of a stretch. Right now your CPU is likely holding that GPU back.

You can try to make sure your BIOS and Motherboard drivers are up to date, that might help with some of the jerkiness. But if not, you will likely need to consider upgrading your PC. You should be able to keep your GPU thankfully.

Thank you - yes I had just focussed on the fact my cpu was an i7 not that it was only 2600k. yes that would explain my difficulties! Thanks - I knew there must be something I was overlooking. I will double check bios and motherboard drivers but I am pretty certain they are as up to date as they can be. Thanks again!

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