Can't progress further help

Hi. I’m lvl 35 and still apprentice Mason. However I can’t progress further in feats (I’ve got bunch of points) I now med this durnance and blacksmithing thing. These are not to be found in my feats. Not offline and not online… even reinstalled the game without luck. Is it the game or am I just stupid? :joy:

Are they under the tools in the survival tree?

Nop. Nowhere in feats at all

I even had some random dude from a random server to send me a picture of how his list looked like. ( He Was lvl 27)

Blacksmith and furnace are handcrafted and I thought you got the ability to make them with the iron tools feat.

Idk. I can’t make iron or smelt it or any of it, don’t have a tanner. Can’t upgrade to journeyman Mason without furnance. I’ve got 2 altars left to unlock that I find wasted points at this moment…

Furnace and Blacksmith’s Bench are both learned from the level 10 feat, Blacksmith.
Upload a screenshot of your survival feats.

I meant to click reply on @Raizo.

Sorry for crappy quality.

Wrong category. Select the campfire icon for survival feats. That’s where Blacksmith is. It has a furnace icon.

Wait, so. I need to use my campfire to learn whatever for it to be available in feats?

No. Look at the tabs above “Construction”. Select the campfire icon there.

I think the problem is that you didn’t notice there are more categories for feats. :slight_smile:

I’ll check that out tomorrow. Quite sure there is nothing else there though

There is. :wink:

Enjoy your blacksmithing tomorrow.

Ooh right. Thought that was some “show all” option on that :joy: I’ll check that it tomorrow :ok_hand::ok_hand:

If you click the search icon, the far right tab, that’s like a “show all”.

Thanks, I’ll check that out

if you need a feat, click on that feats icon, you can then see the icons of the feats you are required to learn before the one you need

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Yeah, just figured out from that other guy is help. Was having issues with not Beeing able to unlock further

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