Can't remove tents once placed

Game mode: Online & Singleplayer
Problem: Bug
Region: EU

The red tents that are made in the Artisan’s Table cannot be demolished once placed.

This means that most people don’t bother with them as they can’t remove them if they change their base layout and some people go around placing them intentionally to annoy others.

It’s like the tents have no hit box to select them by.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Craft a red tent at the artisan table
  2. Place the tent
  3. Try to demolish the tent

They don’t even have an “info panel” when trying to target them with a repair hammer.
As if they aren’t even there.


Three untouchable red tents on our base. Can’t interact with them in any way.

The collision is incorrectly configured. I made some changes in the dev kit to match a working tent and the interaction dialog became available. I posted the changes here but It didn’t appear in the next testlive patch though. Hopefully it’s in the pipeline.

I didn’t test my changes in game either.

I am on testlive and this is fixed with the red shadecloths.