Large tents, cannot target them

There is a problem targeting the 2 large tents we can craft (the simple tent, crafted with fiber, works fine), its like they are ghost objects, we cannot see their names once placed, making it impossible to destroy or pick them up…

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We are having the same problem. Someone even contacted me to admin destroy them and I couldn’t do it

I’ve got the same issue on my server … any fix yet Funcom?

It’s a known issue on our end. Don’t think a fix for it is in just yet but it’s one that’s on the list. Believe the devs are focused on higher priority bugs first, but we will certainly get a fix for it in as soon as possible. I know it can be frustrating not being able to pick it up after placing. Sorry for any trouble regarding that!


The collision is missing for both of them. There are some mods that “fix it”.
Creating a collision takes less than 5 minutes, and adapting the material is also nothing that takes longer.

Thanks for the reply, but isnt it possible prioritize this bug as well? Any player who reach the required level and build this tent, even if its out of curiosity, will have a big problem in hand. They cannot be removed anymore, if they are in reach of their main structures they wont decay either, it might even frustrate their base expansion.

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