Tents becomming ghost objects and un interactable thralls and world objects

dedicated server pve

1when you place a tent they become ghost objects unable to interackt or remove even through admin commands
repeatable? yes just place a tent

2some times thralls become un interactable once placed and can only be killed through admin commands
repeatable? yes just keep placing thralls and its bound to happen at some point

3 after a while frost forge /obsidian forge / chaos altar become un-interactable , server restart solves this for roughly a day then become un-interactable again or stop working

Question. Have you tried destroying the tent by hitting with weapon? When I hit NPCS at camp under tent, it does no damage to them so I always have to do a few complete combos to destroy the tent before I engage the NPC for combat.

its not npc tents its player crafted tents and they become ghost objects so you can walk through them cant select them hit them or destroy them , like the wall braziers used to do and the wooden bowls way in the past

I can confirm this and it’s really annoying.

Someone tested a tent yesterday in front of our smithy. Now we have 2 tents in front of the building and cant destroy them. I tried to use an admin command but I destroyed the ground we were standing on. Srsly? I cant destroy a tent but I can destroy the ground so every player would fall through the ground in a wide area. Had to roll back the server, but a rollback to ‘before the tents’ happend is way to far and I cant rollback the server every time a player places a tent.

Fix this fast. Thanks.

seems like you used ctrl alt delete this destroys parts of the map yes and a restart of the server fixes that

the usual command is shift delete for single blocks or ctrl shift delete for area (also depends on some of the ini settings)

but yes the tents get annoying and i straight out forbid the use of them

I used the console command for single destroy, not the area one. But nothing is working on the tents. I can delete everything else.

yup ghost objects , un touchable in any way
also if you used the command DestroyTarget from the console don’t this removes anything in sight map included , using key commands is safer

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