Cant respan or login to pvp surver 3543

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so i was playing on a pvp server and i killed my self to get back home quicker but then it wouldn’t let me respawn and now its not letting me log in i lost alot of stuff and need it back because its unfair that a bug made me lose them. there has also bin players that ddos attack the server to get ever one to log out. then they raid everybody base i am not sure if that is related but it might be

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

Hello @smokyhigh, welcome to the forums!

To report possible exploiters or DDOS attacks, please reach out to us privately providing as much information as possible, including video evidence that players might be behind them and the time at which it occurred.

Feel free to PM me or @Ignasi should you have any further information to share in that regard.

Could you also provide more details regarding being unable to respawn?
Were you stuck in the loading screen or were you unable to select a location to spawn in?
Are you able to currently login to the server?

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