Can't unfavorite servers on PS4

I can’t remove servers from favorites on PS4. Every server I’ve ever made a char on is there. Clicking remove does remove the server from the list at that particular moment but it always comes back when you relog.

I’ve got the same problem

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Me and too Only official

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It’s pretty annoying once you’ve tried a bunch of servers.


I hope they can fix this at some point.

I have the opposite problem, I cannot favorite any servers and have to manual search every time I log in.

Lol. The whole login menu looks like it was designed by the junor new guy.

Why select pvp or pve first? Then once in the filter menu you can also select pvp or pve…

Why does the system need to search the whole internet for servers. Clearly it knows our favorites. Just ping them and get on with it.

I love the splash screen that covers the mobs killing me when I log in yet I hear my toon die.

I really hope they roll out something professional soon.

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