Cant use ingame voice with mods

Game mode: online privet
Type of issue: in game voice stopps working after added mods
Server type: pvp-pve
Region: EU

the server i am curretly working on is gportal and it work without mod but added mods in stopped working but other rp server dont have this issuie

Please provide a step-by-step process of how the bug can be reproduced. The more details you provide us with the easier it will be for us to find and fix the bug:
1.stopped server
2.asked for help from gportal
3.asked mod authors said no to them not blocking ingame voice

I think it’s weird to ask help for this issue while using mods. But that is my opinion because you are modding the game, you choose to “play” with the original files while the original works.
You are braking the game and ask people to help for a solution.
My advice is when just “copy” a mod, be sure the modder itself gives you enough information to work on and not just the mod file.

other rp server dont have this issuie.

The best thing is to understand what you are trying to do, I’m sorry to say but the problem don’t go away if someone has an solution for this matter because with new updates etc it might brake again.

That’s why I think it’s funny to see that a mod doesn’t work anymore after a patch and people going nutz because of that. I understand, but that’s the risk you take.

But you can always ask ofcourse :smiley: and I hope you find your answer!
Good luck and have nice Conan days :wink:

ps. It might help when saying what mod(s) you are using.

here the mods that i useing

dudes delighful
stacksize plus v1.7.8 dlc compatable
ember light
less building placement restritions
imersive armor
roleplay 1.8.1
warrior mutator
exiles extream
doungeon master tools
rp aesthetics
the age of calamitos

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