Voice chat - bug eu

Hello, we have such a problem on the server. Half of our players do not have voice chat, which is quite a problem for us. Anyone have any advice or info on the EU server issue?


Exactly the same thing is happening to us. Yesterday afternoon it was all the players, at night only 3 had the error and now it is all the players again.

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It seems that it is a bug in the game, the same thing happens to us, suddenly it doesn’t work for anyone and four hours later it works again for half of the players or less, we have been testing solutions with the PCs, both in hardware and software and the only thing that we have made clear and that we have in common is that we have the same problem in a single game and that is Conan Exiles. Please do not delay this issue, it will be detrimental to both sides.
Thank you for your time and greetings.


I´ve tried on my own server by Gportal and I had the same problem.
Then i´ve gone to different pvp/pve official servers and the problem persists.


So let’s hope funcom fix it soon.


I have the same problem and there are 5 or 6 of us with the same. I have tried a thousand things, I have even formatted the pc and it still does not work…

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Greetings Exiles,

Thank you all for participating in this thread. To keep things organized we’ll need some information from each of you to start this investigation:

If you are a server owner and your players are experiencing this issue, please reply with the following:

  • Does the server have any mods installed? If possible, please share a .txt with the mods names.
  • Please also share your settings file in a .txt file, if possible.
  • What map is the server on? (Exiled Lands or Isle of Siptah)
  • What game mode is it on? (PvP, PvE-C or PvE)
  • Do you know if the players have the “push to talk” option active in the Audio menu? If not, please ask them to participate in this thread or share the information.

If you are a player experiencing this issue, please share the server information you have as described above, and if you have the “push to talk” option active in the Audio menu.

We’ll be waiting for your reply to proceed. Thanks in advance everyone!

In Vanilla, map Exile lands, no mods and I cant `talk. :man_shrugging:


Hi Mayra,

I can explain it in a few words.

Is not the mods, is not the map, is not the Push to Talk button, is not problem of PVP or PVE, is not problem of region and of course is not problem of the server owner.
Different private servers with different mods and different maps have the same issue.
Official servers have the same issue, don´t matter Region, PVE or PVP or maps.

The problem affects to everybody.


I am a player, but it doesn’t work in any server. It doesn’t work in official without mods, no matter the map, or in the private server that I use as normal. And on the server where I am, of 20 regular players, we have 7 persons with the error.

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Same as Khorun and others, it has nothing to do with server settings or mods or voice chat.

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Hello Bugcom.
You have done it again. You have ruined another hundred roleplay servers because of the voice chat problem. You deserve that people uninstall Conan Exiles and even more so that they boycott Dune. You are the worst when it comes to game development. You have not been able to solve anything you boast about in the official publications. I saw a Funcom post from 3 years ago boasting that voice chat now worked. Who is the idiot who posted that? What’s more, what kind of uneducated monkey is leading the development of Conan Exiles? Because I don’t believe that if there are really educated people working, things would turn out so badly for you. You should return the money we spent on your ■■■■■■ game. And if I were the CEO of Funcom, all the developers would be fired.
For now, uninstalled the game and I will recommend the same to anyone who asks me. You don’t deserve the time we’ve wasted on this garbage. I hope you end up bankrupt and underselling Dune to pay debts, because Dune is surely as broken as Conan.
This thread is not going to be closed in 14 days or 200, I’ll take care of that.
Let a chicken bite you.

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Yo es que ya no me molesto ni en traducir mi mensaje, igual que yo tengo que usar el traductor para ver vuestras tonterías (ya que soluciones ninguna) espero que tú Mayra también uses el traductor.

Desde que di aviso del problema del servidor donde estoy he investigado y hecho más cosas yo que cualquier empleado de vuestra empresa.

Os lo voy a decir en español a ver si así os entra en la cabeza ya que en inglés no sois capaces de tener comprensión lectora:

NO FUNCIONA EL CHAT DE VOZ, es un problema recurrente de vuestro juego desde el año 2017. Si buscas información encontrarás hilos en este mismo foro del año 2017, 2019, 2020 y 2021 y al cabo del tiempo este error se soluciona solo ya que sois así de ineptos, no merecéis ni un duro del dinero que ganáis, si fuerais empleados de cualquier otra empresa estaríais despedidos y sin derecho a nada por incompetentes.

En este hilo hemos hablado 7 personas distintas que no nos conocemos entre si ni tampoco jugamos en el mismo servidor y todos hablamos de que somos varios jugadores a mayores de los que estamos escribiendo.

Meteros el pase de batalla por donde la espalda pierde su nombre porque desde esa estafa que habéis sacado como gran novedad y hasta el Fornite es mejor pase de batalla que el vuestro no levantáis cabeza.

Ya la cagasteis cuando sacasteis Siptah y os olvidasteis que en las consolas éramos más jugadores de play4 que de la play5 y os la bufó que vuestro juego nos quemara los discos duros, me pasé a ordenador porque el soporte de pc trabajaba mejor que el de playstation pero que va, sois igual de ineptos.

Como dice Khorun, este hilo no va a cerrar hasta que tengáis la decencia de contestar como personas normales no como la IA de cualquier contestador automático de una empresa de telefonía.

Hasta dentro de un par de dĂ­as Mayra.

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Hola Mayra:

He venido a recordarte que esto sigue sin funcionar, seguimos exactamente igual. La actualización que hubo hace dos días no ha arreglado el problema del chat de voz, es más, antes en el server le pasaba a 3 ahora es a todos…

Bueno, creo que el próximo día a lo mejor te ponga una receta de cocina que así a lo mejor me haces más caso.

Un saludo!

Hello Bugcom.

Oh really?
A summer retreat contest?
In the conan universe? WOW What an incredibly good idea and in line with the environment of the game that, today, is more of a survival Pokémon than anything else. After trying to copy other games with the battle pass (which was a scam), with the Bazaar and other micropayments, you see that it has gone wrong and now you are pulling the plug and trying to copy something else as absurd as these “contests”. 6 years in which you have had plenty of time to solve programming problems. Instead you have sold DLCs, you have established the damn eras and their respective chapters, you have established broken events that load the map with lag in addition to never being in logical places, and many other things that have overlapped the important work, which is in itself fix the game.

In-game voice chat still doesn’t work. Neither with mods nor without mods, it doesn’t matter the map or the combat mode or if they are private or official servers. It doesn’t even work in the single player game.
I’ll be back in 10 days again.

Greetings Bugcom.