The Big Ol' VoIP Bug Thread

**Game mode: [Online]
**Type of issue: Bug
Server type: [RP/PVP]
Region: [NA]

This is a continuation of the VoIP thread to allow others to continue to chime in about their experiences, and issues with VoIP in Conan.

In it’s current state, VoIP will inexplicably stop working for players on all servers. We have to use a slew of techniques to get it functioning again, such as, punching one another, using random emotes, running out of draw distance, and then back up to the group we’re speaking to, and many other very random things. Sometimes the techniques work, often times they don’t.

VoIP is bugged, and broken, and we feel that it should be fixed. It’s an important feature, and it’s been this way since the initial EA release.

We’ve made it onto the bug board! Make sure you go there and vote.

Here is a link to the previous thread that was locked recently:

Here is a link to an example, courtesy of Bitter Rabbit


The great deal of ways to try and fix it is so silly and long. not to mention that they can go as far as restarting the entire game and in some cases I’ve heard people restarting steam entirely to try solve it. While it does resolve it sometimes, other times - with the same two people in mind - it just doesn’t. this can easily lead to people standing around for 20+ minutes trying to get it working again.

I’m sure people will just say “Oh use discord, use skype use w/e” but that’s not a feasable option when it comes to an RP server. It’s like walking up to someone irl and then phoning them just to talk to them while they’re litterally right in front of you, then if anyone else comes along they have to then join in the call and yeah you get the idea. As far as I’ve seen the RP community of Conan is larger than the PvP side and it makes no sense to me that they would get their fixxes put in while the larger part of the community doesn’t get the things they ask for. I have RP friends that I would happily ask to come to RP servers on conan if VoIP wasn’t so bad as it is.


Made an account here just to be able to reply to this.

But I have to agree, VOIP is not great. I used to not have issue with hearing people, I heard more people than most - most of the time in RP settings but after the last several patches, it seems like it is starting to break more and more.

Which is a shame.

Conan is a lovely platform to RP in, I enjoy it a lot more in comparison to other survival games for a myriad of varying reasons but the VOIP issues really break the immersion of RP when you have to spin around in circles, punch each other , relog. Etc etc like others have spoken about before.

“Use Discord/Teamspeak/Skype, etc” To give a frank answer to this. “No.” We should not have to utilize outside forms of communication to actually communicate when the game itself has and always has had it’s VOIP program.

Besides, for RP, it would be annoying to have to run into someone, tab out, go into discord and make a call or group call or whatever have you. Even in rooms on a discord channel. We shouldn’t have to use that to replace a feature offered in the game itself. Honestly, this issue really needs to be fixed. As far as I know, RPers are a big chunk of the community just as PvPers and PvErs are, so come on.

Throw us a bone here or something, or I can imagine many of us just abandoning the game in favor of something else that may give just the right itch and also have a good VOIP system. You aren’t going to be able to keep Rper’s attentions for too much longer. Especially if each new update makes it worse.


The fact that VoIP is still not fixed after all this time really only shows me that Funcom does not care to fix the problem… Which only aggravates the RP community and Streaming community to ward people away from this buggy game. For a $40 game (on steam) This VoIP bug should not even be a problem. When the devs come and say that we know it’s a problem and are unwilling to fix it does not sound like devs I want for future games.

I get that Funcom is going broke and can’t fix all the problems at once, it’s understandable. But this has been a issue since day one. And no effort has been done that the community can see to fix it. We as the community are getting tired of telling you to fix this one problem, and told, It’s not nearly as important as fixing the trap door launch glitch. Or making a new dlc so we can try and squeeze out more money from the community only to make more problems for ourselves and push fixing VoIP on the back burner.

To quote Morty, Get your %^& together funcom. Get it all together and put it in a backpack, all your %^&, so it’s all together.


We desperately need this “fixed”. Having a working, reliable voice system is required for RP. And even for PvP not being able to insult your enemies is profoundly disappointing.

But seriously, RPers are the ones buying your DLC. If you treat RPers right, we’re die hard.


When a game is created it’s created to be enjoyed and played often, to hit that goal of being a top seller and or in high demand, The selling point is what the game has to offer the consumer, with that being said if the base game offers VoIP then that is a feature that needs to work properly.

Statements from your own creators saying VoIP isn’t as important, is known to be broken but unwilling to put it on the forefront of fixing, or we aren’t going to deal with that issue. You are shooting yourself in the foot, with these kind of actions. It would of been a different story if the game wasn’t created with this feature already in the game. So even thinking Or suggesting use an outside source for your communication VoIP needs is poor company practice, and not holding to the promise of what the game has to offer the consumer.

The more you ignore this (may be small feature to you) issue the more you are showing the consumer (us) how your company does business. Fix the VoIP which was offered as a feature when you released the game, and show the consumer (us) that you are giving us what you promised, when we purchased the game.


Honestly, the only new content I truly want is VoIP. The VoIP is beyond broken. Doesn’t work half the time or at all for some. Plenty don’t play it because of that reason. Discord isn’t something that is a option for the RP community, without a working VoIP, the game will die out in the RP community. However, with one, it would grow and flourish for quite sometime.


Please please please acknowledge this for consideration again.

Fully functioning VoIP with vicinity, range and direction are critical to the immersive nature of our gameplay.

Being 100% confident that when I meet people in-game there will be at least one I can’t communicate with sucks.

You may as well randomly remove sound effects and music from the game until it’s a silent landscape too.



Conan was, and is, one of the most fun games I have played. Unfortunately, the VoIP issue has prevented me from playing it (as I prefer to RP when I play) and prevented me from streaming it.

I know there is a massive amount of potential for gamers, streamers, and streaming viewers to really appreciate this gem of a game. It’s a tragedy that so much is missed because of the VoIP.

I add my voice to those who have already spoken up, and hope it is known how many more people don’t use forums or provide feedback that also feel the same way. Please consider tackling the VoIP issue, I know it is technologically challenging, but I imagine the monetary returns would be considerable and the appreciation of a huge chunk of the gaming world is no small prize either.

Thank you so much for (hopefully) reading my message.



I agree, one of the big turn offs of Conan, for me, is the broken VoIP issues. I feel there is a wide RP community that Conan is turning away by not addressing this issues.

I would like to throw my support in for having this issue fixed. It is likely that there are many more people that have issues with the VoIP being the way it currently is. Conan is an amazing step up from a lot of the other games in the same category, it’s a shame that it loses out because of issues like VoIP within the RP community. I know a lot of people that love the game but don’t play because of the VoIP, or have refunded because of it.


I don’t have much to add except being one more voice of many when it comes to this. Voip fix is a must. There is no alternative when it comes to Voip. Its in and part of the game and it needs to work. As i said in the prevous thread n the same topic that was closed it’s like buying a new car but the radio doesn’t work. Do you just find an alternative to it or you take it back to the seller? You can’t just use Discord or other programs it needs to be fixed. I am sure the official servers and your day to day PVP/PVE players might not use it as much or complain like the RP communities and i understand that. But seeing how we are the most of your players base atm and not to mention RP Servers are top Conan Exiles servers to date i think its pretty important. Many of us are hardcore fans since day one of EA and you have done an amazing job of improving the game with the combat all the fixes to date and the dlc’s not to mention all the other content. Trust us when we tell you Voip should be next on your list. It will change a lot of things.


I shared my thoughts and concerns on the previous thread but the issue is still present and that discussion has been closed. So, I will bring my thoughts to this one as well. I do hope that they plan to fix the Voip issue because the game itself is beautiful and fairly smooth to both play and stream. The problem lies in the terrible voip that currently exists and how limiting it becomes for Roleplayers (who make up a very large portion of active players on the servers). In fact, if you look at the server lists most days… you will see “RP” servers at the top of the list. This is in spite of the terrible Voip. If we want to look at it in a different way, imagine the revenue you could be bringing in if you fixed that Voip system. Bigger streamers who RP would likely give Conan another chance and the exposure alone for the game would bolster sales. It would be a financially sound decision to fix the voip. More RPers means more copies of the game sold which also means more DLC purchased as well since RPers love to have builds that look spectacular and immersive. There really is no good reason to “not fix” the Voip.


I am part of the HyborianAgeRP server. This particular roleplay server was the number one private server in the world for weeks after full release. The applications flooded in like wildfire. In under a month, we had over 300 people white-listed to the server and still more waiting on the white-list for approval or denial.

The server is now on Season 3. I have been a heavy supporter and promoter of the server, as well as a streamer and player. I have logged hundreds of hours on this game in the months since it’s full release. I am also not the only one. There are countless people who log triple as much time as I do/have.

However, I had to sit out this season. There were a few bugs that have pushed me away (as well as others) but all of these bugs, I would overlook if VOIP was fixed. Not being able to interact or drive our stories is frustrating and ruins the desire to keep logging in. All of this effort went in to un-needed DLCs and extra content that is also broken, when the VOIP could have been fixed instead and half of the players that quit Conan would be back. Who needs a pet bear when you can’t interact with another player? Who needs a religion to follow and preach about if you have no voice to preach with? Who needs marble buildings if your voice cant boom over people with the power of royalty?

I would gladly deal with invisible lava, glitched thralls, broken building pieces, broken bosses, and all the other bugs if I had VOIP. I KNOW I am not the only one who feels this way. I have spent many many hours in Discord calls with other retired Conan players about how much all we want to do is be able to talk and hear eachother.

I played a season where my character and another were a “couple”, yet half of the time they couldn’t speak to one another or hear one another. It’s to the point, we were putting up small signs to TRY to communicate. That is just ridiculous in my opinion. That is just ONE of my many many experiences and I know many have had far worse to the point of just being a mute character for a whole season.

Conan is dying. I have seen it die slowly over the weeks. VOIP will bring hundreds back. VOIP will keep people around. Conan has the most RP potential of any game out there right now. If only we had a voice.

Listen to your players. Drop the other fixes in the works. Fix the VOIP. You will have many more people in your corner if you do. Otherwise, myself and many others have no trust in the Funcom brand.


I specifically created this account to add to this thread. I am a role-player, yes. Is that important to Funcom? Apparently not as much as we would hope. But I love this game regardless. This is an amazing universe and the game is beautiful. That being said, I have uninstalled this game because for me it is unplayable with the way VOIP is currently. I have heard that this is not a priority for the Devs. That doesnt make me want to reinstall this game no matter what DLC or fixes they add to the game. Without good VOIP this game is useless to me.

I know this a huge complaint for other people that have abandoned this game as well. If you fix voip I can guarantee not only would -I- reinstall this game and return, buy your DLCs, and invest my time to Conan, so would others.

As others have already stated, your other bugs that you think take priority over VOIP, I would gladly deal with it as long as VOIP was fixed first. I have been an Ark player for years. They have so many issues with the game. Glitches, broken creatures that kill you with one hit, or glitch into you, the building is frustrating, but the VOIP is good. So, I keep coming back because I can work with that for my game style.

Whether you believe it or not, the role-players are your greatest player base but VOIP doesnt just effect your role-players. It effects PVP-ers, PVE-ers, and the casuals. We all rely on VOIP to communicate our intent to other players in game. Typing takes time, voice takes less than a second. Good VOIP could be the difference between making a friend or an enemy.


I have to agree. The VOIP problems make it insanely difficult to use the game beyond running around alone. There are times when Role Play cannot even be had, since the person you’re trying to talk to is having VOIP issues.

Realistically, VOIP is one of the game’s features and needs to be supported like any other. Sure, you can fix clipping issues and crashing issues, but those are only aspects of the game.

Many people I normally RP with on other games like Ark refuse to play Conan because of the VOIP issues, and Conan is a superior game in basically every other respect. Some of my favourite streamers played it when it was released and had a hard time staying in character and streaming the game because of all the issues. Greatly disappointing.

The game is so close to good. So close to being an RP go-to. So close.


I have role played on many Conan servers and the game is one of my favorites. It’s beautiful and such and amazing platform for rp. The Voip however is beyond broken. It is extremely difficult to have a immersive role play experience when you have to play the “can they hear me game”. It makes all the interactions between players tedious. I sincerely hope that this is on the top of the list for bug fixes. It will only improve upon something that is already so close to being perfect.


As dew dries on the grass at his feet, Conan walks down a path with a smile on his face. Sunlight stretches across the highlands, fanning beams of golden light through the trees.
In the distance a growl is heard and the faint cry of woman. Conan crept in the direction of the sounds, in hopes of catching the beast off guard. As he made his way through the brush, he could see a scantily dressed woman clinging to a tree limb. Nipping at her feet was a scrawny wolf half starved and covered in bite wounds. Conan couldn’t help but let a small smirk flash as he stepped out to get the full attention of the wolf.
The wolf turned around and growled. Conan lifted his great sword in the air and let out a roaring yell. The wolf ran off tail between his legs. Conan walked up to the tree and helped the woman down. Tears flowed from her eyes as she clung to him in gratitude.
The woman spoke “I am Princess of these lands and I am in your debt brave warrior, name your prize and you may have it.”
She held her head high, waiting for his response.
Conan took a heroic stance legs shoulder length apart. “I am Conan, I come from the south to find a princess that lives in these lands. I have word of her brothers fate in a kingdom south of here. Do you know where I could find the people that rule these lands?”
The princess spoke again “Can you hear me? Are you a mute?”
Conan waves at the princess.
“Are you suffering from a brain injury?” She said with concern.
Conan starts punching a tree “Can you hear me now woman?”
The princess shrugs and waves at Conan, before turning and running off into the distance.
Conan turns and returns to the path and heads home, goes to sleep and uninstalls.
The end


Just wanted to chime in to say that I played Conan pretty much non-stop when it was officially released. I’m primarily a roleplayer on Twitch and I think the Conan: Exiles days were the most engaged my channel has been - people were incredibly excited about the game. As the VoIP issues became apparent, the hype began to die down as it completely hamstrung 90% of my roleplay interactions - I couldn’t hear them, they couldn’t hear me, or half the party couldn’t hear the other half. Eventually, the server I was playing on completely died out and all of my friends stopped playing.

I can state with full confidence that the singular reason I, and my other group of streamer/roleplayer friends, stopped playing the game is because of these VoIP issues.


I’ve been playing and streaming Conan since the game was released earlier this year. It felt like such an upgrade to Ark that I was completely prepared to make it my main streaming game, and it has been since May.

I have had some incredible moment in the game while Roleplaying with people, but also some incredibly disappointing ones as 15 minutes or more is spent going through various emotes, spinning in circles trying to get the VOIP to work for everyone present. Sometimes it kicks in , but the moment has been brought to a grinding halt. it kills immersion. Other times it never comes back, and you have to just give up and move on to something else.

It has taken away so many high quality roleplayers who can not tolerate this issue. It has not improved at all. I am considering playing Ark… I never thought I’d say that again.


You’re disparaging people that supported you from start to now by refusing to fix it. A large portion of the community you have left is the rp community and we’ve all been waiting patiently for a fix for an issue that should have been fixed a while ago. I know a handful of people that refuse to purchase and/or play the game because of the VOIP issue, because to us, it’s a big deal and a vital part of our gameplay.
Hundreds if not thousands of people from this community invested money and time into a company that refuses to acknowledge our pleas. For the sake of Conan, and our future choice on whether to purchase another game from you, I hope you’ll reconsider your decision to put the VOIP at the bottom of the list.