Voip breaking conversations (players randomly not able to hear or speak to one another)

Game mode: [Online | RP/PVP Private Server]
Problem: [Bug] VoiP randomly cutting out during conversations, muting and deafening people temporarily
Region: [North America]

Voip is randomly cutting out during conversations in-game, there is no real rhyme or reason to it, and it is random as to who is being muted. Here is a great example of it:

The conversation that occurred after this was riddled with the problem. People would randomly lose the ability to hear, and or talk. It’s destroying so many RP opportunities.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Talk to enough people using voip and it will happen, it seems particularly bad in the North, but I don’t think it’s related to the locatoin.

Thank you for bringing this to our attention. It’s been forwarded to the developers.


Have happened to me several times. Most of the time we have to hit eacother before we can talk. The VoIP is absolutly horribe. For some reason, hitting the one you speak to sometimes fix it

Seriosly funcom. Fix your netcode. This goes on 15-20 minutes after the video stops. They can’t talk, they cant fight


hey Gimpeline, glad you made this post, actually i’m on a big Rp community server and the same, most of the time, same problem with VOIP, sometimes you can here someone and sometime nothing. I notice also its very often, voice si cutting awfully.
it happens i meet someone, voip is clean etc and i meet him again, and boom, voip is broken, cutting or oversaturated.
Thanks @Jens_Erik !
we hope have news soon about this


Had this happen a time or two myself. I love the game, and the RP that can be done in this game is amazing when the VOIP works. When it doesn’t work though it puts a real damper on the fun of the game.


Bump. The bad VoIp makes roleplay impossible


This still needs fixed. It’s tough to have any meaningful conversations when one person can’t hear the other. It’s a basic thing that should have been addressed.


We’ve been having this problem since EA. It doesn’t seem to have affected me as badly but I know some who can rarely hear others, or who can rarely hear each other.

It doesn’t seem likely but is it possible it’s related to peoples’ system builds? I know AMD processors cause people problems with certain games but this seems way too random to be that.

Regardless, it’s frustrating, and I think it should be a top priority.


Its litterly one of the bigger reason many RP People leaveing the game


Guess it’s time to bump this again

Yeah, I did notice that there is a spot on the suggestions list that mentions both voip and lip sync. I’d love to hear an update on where they’re at with it!

Well it was fun while it lasted. No voip, no rp. I’m tierd pf waiting. Bye Conan, I guess our money is not worth a patch to fix it

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For those that may of missed it:

There are no plans to fix the voip. It was also downplayed as just being mediocre, and choppy, even though most of us have to deal with being completely muted during conversations in-game. Voip is broken in Conan, there is no question about it.

Here are two things I’d like to say, firstly, this is partly the fault of the Voice RP community. Many of us like to complain about things, like the voip, but never actively report them on the forums. I’ve posted this thread several times, in multiple community discords, and out of the hundreds of people experiencing these issues, that complain daily about voip cutting out on them, only about 10 people took the time to come here to reply or even like my post.

I think a lot of people in the RP community expect the developers to just know that bugs exist, and feel that it shouldn’t be their job to report them, but sadly, that’s not how it works, especially when this game was in early access. You know what community is extremely vocal about reporting bugs? The pvp community. Do you know who is getting all of the fixes that they’ve been complaining about incessantly? The pvp community.

Why do you think the combat is getting so much love?

Funcom needs to see that the things they are fixing are worth their time, and money. If only 10 people complain about the voip, while another 200 complain about combat balance, which do you think will get fixed?

It sucks, but that’s just how it is. I am a nobody, I’m not a big twitch streamer, I’m not some community mod that speaks with the PR team or anything like that. My post alone was never going to make a difference, but at least I tried.

Secondly, Funcom, it’s a bug. People literally cannot talk to each other in the game a lot of the time. VOIP is broken, it’s not just mediocre, it’s trash, and it’s a part of your product. I know that voip is a complicated thing to fix, but Conan Exiles is a modern multiplayer game, proper voip should’ve been part of the package to begin with, not something slapped together haphazardly. Not to mention, your text chat system isn’t great either. You pretty much need Pippi mod to make it not garbage.

What was the plan here? For people to just murder one another in the game, was the emphasis always on pvp, and poor communication? Is that part of the game loop? Everyone in the Conan universe is too stupid to communicate properly, because, barbarians?

I just don’t get it.

In a perfect world, Funcom would realize there is value in fixing, investing in and enhancing voip, and that the VOIP RP/streaming community is a community that aides in strengthening the longevity of a products revenue, even long after the game has been released.

I won’t be holding my breath, but I will mourn what could have been.


You hit all the right points my friend the VOIP is a major issue for those of us that RP and you are right not enough of us vocalize our problems with it to the devs. I myself am guilty of hoping they have a fix in the works. To hear that they have nothing planned and haven’t even bothered to look at it from what I gather hurts a bit. I’ve lost count off the times I’ve been in the middle of some good RP and had to do some stupid ritual to try and get VOIP back completely de-railing the entire conversation. I’m hoping more people will start speaking out and maybe they will decide to take a look at the system and get it sorted. Even if it takes a long time at least try to fix the issue don’t just sweep it under the rug like it doesn’t exist.

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Totally agree with this needing to be escalated as opposed to brushed aside as it was during last week’s community stream.

I’m new to voice RP but clocked almost 2k hrs of Conan since EA. And loving the fact I found a great RP community that is extending my Conan Exiles love affair.

However I am shocked at the issues with VOIP. And it may even feel like it is getting worse.

The other day I traveled from the jungle to the ice slopes and back, all on foot since we don’t use map rooms. Of the 12 or so people I met on this particular adventure only 4 could be spoken with.

Other days can be better, and another worse.

The possible fixes in-game almost seem like superstitions since they vary so widely. From the now standard greeting of a kick to clear the ears, to running in circles, to exchanging items dropped on the ground. All have worked before and not worked so may just be coincidence.

Regardless of these possible cures for the gods smiting down my voice and hearing. I now always carry signs in my bag so I can at least write a message to someone whilst clinging on to the RP.

As the OP already said. The RP community maybe smaller and less vocal than the official PvPers but we definitely add value and content constantly publishing and promoting CE.

Here’s hoping I make it to 3k hours…


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You can have the best Voip technology in the world, it will not work on a server running poorly coded software far exceeding it’s hardware capacities. Many problems are simply related to performance, poor coding practices and cheap rental servers are the cause of many problems in this game. Even if they have the will to fix it, they also need the skill and resources, which they clearly do not have atm. In my case, official server PVE-C, the Voip seems to work fine as long as the server FPS and ping is acceptable, meaning < 10 people online.


It feels like they just used the rp comunity to get cheep pr. When it launched, they hosted big rp streamers like Milton, Steelrain, Cletus, etc… and got thousends of wievers. It was good PR
Now that the RP comunity asks something in return, they just get the middle finger.
Look at a game like second life, It must be close to 15 years old now… It has better VoIP than Conan. Its almost incredible that 15-20 year old technology is too complicated for funcom.
To be honest I think that if they dont fix it, they will get a big shock when they launch their next game and no streamers get it since they know it will have issues like this. No PR, no sales

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Thanks to everyone that has replied to this thread in the last week! Pass it around, get your friends to reply and express their concerns with voip. If we at least vocalize our concerns, and experiences, we can know that we did our part.

I really hate to say this, because it’s such a disheartening thing, but you are absolutely right.

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Firstly, I’m glad you found a great community. I believe that I’ve seen you around on Hyborian Age RP, and I agree, it’s a fantastic community, and run by amazing admins. You’ve found yourself a great RP home.

Secondly, you’re right. The fixes for voip are some of the silliest, inexplicable workarounds for a bug that actually do work, but there isn’t really a rhyme or reason for which fix will work at the time.

The end result in the best situations is mildly amusing, because you’re literally punching someone in the face to hear their voice. Mostly, it’s just not that fun at all, because during a serious RP conversation you find yourself staring awkwardly at one another, not knowing whether they can hear you.

The tension is then cut by having to uppercut the person in the face so that the voip works again. It’s just silly.