Voip problem since earlie access

Its been a problem since Conan first released. No one know why or when its gonna happend. It destroys RP communitys in conan. It makes People leave the game. So many People see this as the top issue of the game. Currently Voip exist in So many games without beeing a problem. It existed for so long in So many games without beeing a problem. How come you cant manage to fix such thing that existed for so long to work properly and not beeing a destroyed of communitys and the RP world of Conan. Sure there are other problems aswell glitches and buggs but this is litterly the Top priority. You want the RP communitys to stick to Conan. Fix your voip already.


Still not working at all.

Me and a mate can hear each other, 3rd mate can’t hear us or see icon.
But 3rd mate and I met a random guy, 3rd mate could hear random guy, i couldn’t hear or see any of them speak at all