The Big Ol' VoIP Bug Thread



It has been a long time coming to add to this, but VOIP is a serious issue that needs fixing. I have a VOD from one of the most intense role play story lines that I’ve been able to be apart of that was constantly filled with VOIP related issues.

I’d love to link a VOD in particular this happened with, but apparently I cannot include links on the forum… I stream on Twitch under the handle of Bitter Rabbit and frankly any of my VODs from my character Dolva or Sabira are riddled full of VOIP issues. One of the worst chain of instances to date was a crucial story peak where my character could not speak to the leader of the tribe due to VOIP issues, was then pulled into the situation she was trying to warn about but could not, and then for a few minutes could not hear her lover speaking during a literal life and death situation because of VOIP issues yet again. Then upon his death and her having to travel back to the castle and inform others of what happened yet again VOIP was dysfunctional and further ruined the emotional intensity of the moment with several people. This is merely during a 2-3 hour span. Another instance early on with the character we were speaking for 3 hours straight in a singular spot and the moment we started walking away the voice stopped working. Again, this is a serious problem!

This went on and off throughout the rest of this and MANY other streams, it is absolutely ridiculous how unstable and unreliable the current state of VOIP is in the game. The role play community is such a huge and vital part of this game and it is one of the two major things that we beg and plead for the developers to hear us out so that we can continue to enjoy this game as players and tell our stories. We want to stay and keep playing, but those of us who are content creators cannot continue with a game that doesn’t care about something so crucial as it effects us heavily. This stream was filled so much emotions as the story came to its peak and it was nearly ruined several times by VOIP making it unable for us to hear each other. I could link countless VODs I have from this game that show this is not just a “sometimes” issue but a persistent problem that should be resolved, not shelved.

Please, this is a very serious issue for your game’s player base. We just want to be able to play the game and tell our character’s stories.


I have made this account just to reply to this thread, I am a Role player and stream on twitch my characters adventures and story. I take great pride and care to crafting his story, I have poured more hours into research and acting his day to day life out than I’ve probably committed to most things. So when I say his interactions with people are important to me, I can’t explain truly how deep it really goes. He is not a combat character his strengths are his voice and his mind, with out one of those things he falls apart and effectively loses relevance… And being a priest his voice is very important to not only himself but to other people, he has preformed weddings, funerals, rites of passage, council of judgement and advice. And in those moments when he can’t hear and can’t speak… It ruins moments and stories…

The voice in this game can be a MUCH more powerful weapon than any spear or sword, a voice properly heard can do so much more than a pet and treb… Looking at the importance of Voice, is like looking at the importance of a soul… For alot of us, if not all of us, they are the one and the same in this game. Its not something that should be second thought, for some of us this is the game, communicating. Moving pieces around the board, inspiring armies to rise up, or defusing tense life or death situations, and giving support and solace to the grieving… Emotions are show through voice first and foremost…

So again when I tell you I can’t explain just how important my character’s voices are to me… I mean that, in alot of ways they are my characters, my reason for playing and I think alot of us feel the same way and one day we will go where our voices can be heard in and out of game if its not fixed here soon… I love this game and the chance it gives me but… If some where else can do it better…


I personally have logged almost 3k hours into this game and as much as I love it, I also hate it due to the broken VoiP. I have supported it through not buying it not only once, but twice as well as having all the DLC, in hopes that perhaps just maybe this game would reach what it truly could be.

After watching the stream about how you know this is broken, but you have no real plans to fix it is basically a slap in the face of all the RP community as well as the streamers that promote your product through RP. Which is a very large part of your player base, only so many times you can watch people glitch into bases or use a spear and roll around for a half hour before people realize that the pvp only aspect is boring as can be. I know several communities of PvP only that have now gone to RP-PvP, just to continue playing and not be bored to tears.

The ones that bring the real audience to your game are the ones that RP, not only do they showcase your product, but bring it new life in ways that most would never think of bringing entertainment to those that will then be interested in getting into it for those reasons alone.

Fix your VoiP Funcom, or this game will end up being shelved and you wont be able to milk people for those DLC’s anymore, if money is the only language that actually speaks to you.


As someone who has played this game now pushing near to 1000 hours, I must first say no other survival genre game has entrapped me so well and so consistently. However, there has been one problem that has persistently caused me to not want to play the game as much. VOIP

I started out in PVP servers, and while voip was used less, it was still used and I can not tell you how many times it caused problems when trying to just talk to someone in the game, or in other cases, exchange banter while fighting some one. It was absolutely frustrating.

So you can imagine the extra frustration when I join in the RP community, and put in nearly triple the amount of hours I spent in PVP, only to have the VOIP bugs, glitches and breaks happen even more so. It has gotten to the point where I often go through 10-15 fixes, ranging from spinning around to whole computer restarts just to fix this issue. It is unacceptable, and a disgrace to the product and truly needs to be fixed for any sort of community to stick around in the game.