Captured slvaes disappear

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When you try to bring a slave with the rope to your home, is it far possible that if you for any reason will leave the rope, you can’t see the slave on the floor and you can’t take him again… I had this bug 3 times

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  1. take a slave with the salve rope
  2. for any reason unequip the rope ( climb, equip weapon, swim)
  3. Is it possible that the slave disappears in the ground
  4. try to find him

This is an old bug, I’m sure they know, just isn’t fixed. Try walking instead of running and try to not lose sight of your thrall (if you can, that is).

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Leave the spot where the slave disappeared, run for ~50-70 foundation-lenghts away, come back and you will see the slave. If it still doesn’t appear, try running further.

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This!! When a thrall KO’d vanishes into the ground what Abraxas said works.

Did you say walk!!? LMFAO.

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