My slave disappeared following me on the volcano (2 only today)

I’m shocked! I’ve read people here saying that their slaves were disappearing on the volcano, but agent thinks this kind of thing will never happen to agent.
I was just a few minutes down that wave ladder where “Eri the Ravager” is born and out of nowhere my slave is gone, then I thought he must have teleported away from me I will distance myself from here that he reappears on my side and nothing, then I used teleporting me imagining he would appear on the other side of the teleport with me and NOTHING, I went back to his ‘fixed spot’ to see if he had come home and not come back.
Then I thought I’ll look at all the lava spots here around this “Eri” ladder since if he died in the lava I want to get the legendary weapons and armor that is in him and NOTHING he just GONE!
Of course I was very shocked and sad after all I spent about 10 hours leveling him, I think even more and he just disappeared, then I took another T4 slave at my base and was going back to “Supremeru” teleport and when I appear in the obelisk there I am alone , the other slave had also disappeared! then there I go back to the volcano to see if it is at the base, or if it is on the side of the volcano map … and nothing it just disappeared evaporated from the game in the middle of the teleport.
My only hope now is that when the server restarts they appear at the base as it is not possible that the game will ‘swallow’ my slaves with legendary weapons and armor like this ‘out of the blue’ especially what I was leveling up to level 20 and was Just going to the cave of the “berigente” to finish upa it.

There’s nothing to do. Please avoid bringing thralls to the volcano as they “teleport” in to the lava and die. I’ve lost several good fighters myself up there.


If only someone had predicted all of the posts that would be like this…

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How crazy I was really hoping that when the server restarted they would appear at the base a long time ago a slave of mine “disappeared” like that and only appeared at my base back the other day, but he wasn’t missing in the volcano.
But if he had died in the lava should not have been the body and the items there? It’s been a long time but when the sute had a huge lag I already died in the lava and always the body and the items, that’s why I looked all over the lava to try to rescue the legendary items, but I didn’t have the body nor the items, is it normal for everything to disappear?

And worst of all is that the armor was “belligerent” and have to kill the cave boss about 7 times to make another, I’m really frustrated enough to redo that.

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They often teleport under the lava, so you can’t get their gear back. In the past, the cheapest part to replace was the thrall (or the steel truncheon if that’s all it had on it).

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Did you have a look at the Event Log? It might tell you what happened to your thrall(s).

Press escape and go to event log ingame like others suggest here, if he died there will be a line that says so or that he returned to the spot where you put him down last.

I have no problems yet running around with spinas in the volcano for several weeks now but we have some bridges and stuff buildt there on the official server i am on and i avoid climbing too much but ive seen the thrall walk on lava he didnt die.

The only danger for my spinas now is the arena champion in the warmaker sanctuary, i would suggest to take with you healing arrows just in cause, if he only levelled to 8-9k hp

So it turns out that the game does not show the “records in the panel” for me for a long time, I even mark to “display” all the information and it is “empty” as if nothing had happened, formerly it worked for me a long time, I I don’t know if this is bugged in every PVE mode or just for myself.

And just was Spinas the second slave that disappeared (when teleporting in the map of the volcano to supremeru)

Hello @tjhoban, do you mean that you have no information regarding the thralls showing up in the Event Log?

UPDATE: The second slave, who disappeared when I teleported on the map, actually reappeared at the base the other day, but the 1st who was my principal who was training and disappeared into the “Eri’s ladder on the volcano” no longer appeared, neither did he nor your armor and legendary weapons.

So today I had a new “adventure” this same slave who “disappeared on the map and reappeared” I started training him and yesterday I left with level 8, I open the game today and start training again and find that he slept level 8 and woke up Level 5, How did he lose 3 levels at dawn?

So I go kill 4 more bosses, more than 100 NPCs and I’m still level 7, 1 level less than I had left yesterday, a very serious mistake of the game is disrespectful with our efforts, a shame I have such negative experiences in the last days with a game that I play for 3 years for 3 thousand hours.

And to complete yesterday afternoon the servers were IMPOSSIBLE and I died inside the belligerent dungeon because of the server and not for lack of skill … and the keys were inside my body so I could not go get my body, ie the game punished me for loss EVERYTHING I had weapons, armor, tools and even 7 boss keys that was inside my body, very unfortunate all this, I love the game but it really is hard!

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The event log looks like this, checkmark the boxes, atleast the thrall one, and move the sliders all the way to the right, does it display some text?

I was going to say that the registry did not work, and it did not work even 4 days ago when the slave Spinas disappeared, but I decided to enter the game to try and now it works, which is great, so I visualize there that my slave died, more died how?

I was going down the stairs of “Eri the devastating” and he “disappeared and died” which makes everything even worse because I was “hoping” for him to still notice, I’ve been talking to people on my server like PVE game chatter a lot Chat is a very friendly server and almost everyone has reported “missing” slaves on the volcano, except the beginners who haven’t been there yet, and a woman who has been playing there since the start of the game release as I recently reported that a slave hers disappeared in a similar way to mine, but after 4 days she reappeared at the base, I was in that hope.

It sounds silly, but I invested about 15 to 20 hours in that slave, not to mention that he had my favorite armor on “Arena Warrior” is an armor that you have to put together many hard items to make and I didn’t even have the chance to regain the body armor of the slave who “disappeared and died” because his body was not dead nearby and believe me I was almost 1 hour running behind the “possible body” and I didn’t even know if he really had died now know.

I’m not here wanting to dump hate the game, on the contrary, I want to help is a terrible situation, a few days ago I made a forum about another subject and a guy came to my forum nothing to do with the subject and reported his experience with success of his slave and how frustrating it was for him, I did not understand why he came to comment on it in my forum that talked about another subject, but I “sympathized” with his pain and even wrote a message of support … TODAY! I know what he went through, do you know those stories that the agent hears and think it will never happen to the agent ?, because it happened!

The game is growing again, which is amazing, developers have to start taking extreme care to keep these ‘new’ people coming in, the slave leveling mechanics made an incredible addition to the game but still needs to be improved. I’ve even been thinking of something, when the slave reaches level 20 he should get “bigger” like those slaves “drop legendary repair” in the nameless city, would be another incentive for agent to want to work on it.
Another thing I raised now the Kristis of the volcano, hitting yesterday at level 10 he received +5 survival bonus -3 strength totally frustrating, I caught a slave of the volcano precisely because I did not want survival, when -3 more strength.

Of course also working on horse mechanics, today totally unusable, horses need to be easily steered like playable NPCs and lead their warrior slave, today horses are a non-playable decoration in the game.

Well those are the thoughts of someone who had their work deleted by the game but still believes in it.

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