Slave gone in texture

Game mode: [Online]
Problem: [ Bug ]
Region: [eu]

[Server 3217]
Nickname Sanek_Tsarev (ps4)

gone slave, Hest nomad. in a slave pot he eats. we already had this at the last base. we didn’t even find it by disassembling the walls. how to get it back?

Cant download screenshot

Hello @Sanek, welcome to the forums!

What type of server are you playing on?

Did you have any message in the Event Log referring to the thrall?

It’s possible that the thrall has been killed by another player or creature, how well protected was his position?

There is a record in the event log that he is returning home. There are no records of access to his loot. and that he was killed

He is likely where you last placed him to guard. I now make sure that I place thralls on guard at base after I have had them follow me. It would be great if there was an easy find thrall option.

Yes, of course he was last time on the protection of the base. it was there that they waited for him. and he seems to have come, he eats and it can be seen in the slave pot. but at the base it is not visible.

Ohh yeah, I have had that happen also. I was wondering if I had build over top of where he had been guarding. So he is maybe buried or blocked by some other object?

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