Captured Thrall not reappearing after a Worldmap jump

Game mode: [Online official ]
Type of issue: [ Misc]
Server type: [| PvE-Conflict]
Region: [europe]

[When I have captured a Thrall and I am dragging them home to convert. When I go through a World Map jump my captured Thrall is still attached to the rope BUT there body seems to be back at the jump point. So if the rope breaks then you lose the captured thrall. You can see the rope just heading off into the never never and it is either heading skywards or if the Thrall is from the underground then its heading towards the ground. How ever they will place on to the wheel of pain when you get there.]

Please provide a step-by-step process of how the bug can be reproduced. The more details you provide us with the easier it will be for us to find and fix the bug:
1.Capture a Thrall
2.Go through a personal or game world map to another location
3.when you arrive you will see the rope just going to nowhere
4.If you release the rope (break or on purpose) the thrall is nowhere to be seen… LOST

This has been like this forever. Not even sure whether it is intended to use maprooms with thralls but I am not complaining.

If you drop the rope, the thrall is probably on the maproom you used to teleport. So your options are either not to use maprooms or to not drop the rope.

Ok cool. If it happens again I will go back to the original maproom and have a look. It is not that I dropped the rope. I had to use a low quality one and it expired. This is not a problem when one uses the personal minie (mod) maprooms to get around. Only seems to be the big default game ones.

I had this happen to coming from the volcano to the dragonmouth. Only tried the once but as soon as I appeared in the dragonmouth cave the bindings of the dead were no longer in my hand equipped and the captured thrall was nowhere to be found.

I did not unequip the bindings it was like that when I appeared.

Most likely at the map room you used to jump.

However, I kind of like this “feature”. In the past, before you could teleport/swim/etc. with thralls, I lost several to NPCs and Creatures who would be trying to attack me and hit the thrall instead. Now you don’t have to worry about them after you use a map room, since the old location probably has no one in render, and your current location has no thrall to be damaged.

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