Carpets do not place on some foundation

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Turanian seems to be main problem. Carpets appear just bellow the surface, suggesting the height of the foundations to be slightly higher than the rest of the collisions.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:
1.Place turanian foundation
2.Place Carpets on top

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This also happens with Aquilonian foundations, around the elevated outer section. However, Aquilonian carpets do place at the correct height on these slightly taller floor pieces. Sadly there don’t seem to be any Turan carpets you could use meantime until they’re all made to work properly on these new floors. :frowning:

Hello @Mootzart, we’ll be sure to poke the team regarding this issue, thank you for bringing it up.

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All of these little things add up. Im sure you are busy. But clearing these things out before adding new material is what will make the community happy.

All the best.

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