Cataclysm - Heavy RP-PvP - New Season 19th April - Disc: /NwqWVkJ

SEASON 1 STARTING 19th April 2019 — Join our Discord now to fill application and form starting groups, getting ready for server launch.

Server theme:

Conflict and lore are the predominant principles of the server, and there is a library of lore on all the races and gods available in our discord which has generously been provided for us by the now dormant Game of Thralls server. If you are new to Conan lore or simply want to learn more, you will have a wealth of resources simply upon joining.

The server is founded on these principles:

Good RP needs conflict or it will become stale and predictable

Conflicts need a rich world background of lore

Inclusive multiplayer RP is character-driven, not game-mastered

Loss is as important as gains - no winners or losers, only character development

Power is temporary, the environment should promote dynamic shifts over stasis and constant accumulation

Good RP requires immersion

RP and gameplay complement each other

Multiplayer RP needs to promote diversity in character concepts

What makes our server special?

Through scarcity and open conflict, players are treated to a new high-anxiety form of play, where from the moment they log in, they are immersed to the very moment they log out. Our primary focus is on lore and roleplay, and we encourage players to throw their character into the server and see where it takes them.

Perma-death can be a frightening mechanic to include in a server, and many immediately fear their well-written, developed character will be flippantly killed off in a murder-hobo rampage – our solution is quality. A roleplay server should be defined by neither size nor leadership, but the overall quality of RP present. We have a strong application process (which should be a breeze for experienced roleplayers) and a clear set of principles upon which the server is founded to ensure that should you pass the application system, every roleplayer you come across in the world will add to your roleplay instead of detracting.

Basic Information:

Name of Server: Cataclysm
Category: Heavy RP, PvP
Age Restrictions: Strictly 18+.
Location of Server: EU
Max capacity of server: 70
Discord: See title.
Protected Status: Passworded
Application Requirement: Yes

Server Settings – Server settings are subject to change following initial reviews and feedback.

XP rate: 1.5x Kill/POI/Journey XP, 0x Building/Harvest XP, 3x Idle XP
Gathering Rate: 1x
Global Chat: Disabled for immersion sake.
PVP: Enabled.
Resource Respawn: Slower (resource scarcity for more conflict RP options).
Day/Night Ratio: Long day/night cycle with every stage announced on server Discord.
Hunger/Thirst settings: 0.0 Idle Thirst/Hunger
Drop Equipment on Death: Yes.
God Avatars Enabled: Yes.
Containers Ignore Ownership: Yes.
The Purge Activated: No.
Decay: Enabled (with a whitelist option for player absence).
Other: 2.0 NPC Damage, 1.0 Friendly Damage.
Peak Play Times: Currently evenings GMT, but American players populate EST.

Mods List – subject to change based on load time feedback

[ 1 ] Pippi User & Server Management
[ 2 ] Savage Steel
[ 3 ] Warrior Mutator
[ 4 ] RP Aesthetics (RA)
[ 5 ] Speech Bubbles
[ 6 ] Dye More Betterer
[ 7 ] Primal Armors
[ 8 ] Conan Sexiles
[ 9 ] Fashionist
[ 10 ] No Balance Changes for WARRIOR Mutator
[ 11 ] No Item Stats for WARRIOR Mutator
[ 12 ] Cataclysm Server Mod
[ 13 ] Less Building Placement Restrictions


Discord Link:

Enourmous lore section available even before application!

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Cataclysm’s first season has gone online 3 weeks ago, and it is safe to say that it has been a success so far!

I’m Live and moderator of the Cataclysm Discord server, hanging around with the community since february, back when we were named Game of Thralls.

Since than, I have played 4 different characters and all of them have been super fun.
This is not just due to the obvious upsides of Cataclysm, which are a high number of active players and a beast of a server (best performance of any server I have ever seen in Conan Exiles), but also due to the high standarts of role play we have set ourselfs.

If you decide to try out Cataclysm, you will have to go through an application process, made up from 16 questions. Thanks to this process, we are ensuring that the overall quality of role play within our community is higher than you find on most role play servers here on Conan Exiles.

Further more, we do have the longest collection of Conan lore, true to Robert Ervin Howard’s original stories, I have ever seen. Writting them down in literally over 100 discord channels, each dedicated to either a race, nation or religion of Howard’s universe, was a result of countless hours of work, but now it is there and helps us … and hopefully you aswell, to create and play characters based on the same lore and principals within the same role play world.

Our standarts of approval are high, Cataclysm is not for everyone. The world of Conan Exiles is a dark one … a grimm one.
It is our desire to give everyone a home, who is looking for a role play experience within those conditions.

I hope to see you soon, and may Mitra lighten the path you are walking on, Exile.

Cataclysm’s first season is one and a half months old.
In the name of the entire team I want to thank everyone who has walked this new path with us, it was truely an awesome journey so far.

But the journey does not end here and the season still has many interesting stories to tell.

To celebrate Cata’s first season exceeding our expectations, there will be an event this weekend starting right now:

  • One free 100% level imbursement for returning players and players killed over the course of this weekend (starting from this announcement and ending 10am GMT 10/06)