Caught Thrall, dragged it trough map room, now i want to ride my horse home but wait

The Thrall does not seem to come trough the map room/obilisk portal so my bindings point to somewhere far in the distance. How do i get on my horse to drag the thrall the last part to my home where the wheel is? If i mount wont the hold that the binding has on the thrall break and with the thrall not coming trough the portal i wont be able to reattach it either?
Am i doing something wrong here?

Mount the horse equip the bindings aim at thrall and bind. But wait we can actually teleport with a binded thrall. I had no idea.

[Edit] Oh nevermind I see the issue. The thrall doesn’t tp I guess there is a reason why I never thought to try teleporting.

The dragged thralls USED to come through the maproom normally–this issue is a known bug that Funcom cannot seem to address for some reason. It makes the whole horse thing seem kind of useless unless you are finding thralls somewhere near your wheel, eh? Cheers!

If you run straight to your wheel after you went trough the obilisk the thrall will still be put into it. It just means no climbing, horse riding, lighten a torch etc. Also make sure the bindings don’t break.


If the mountain won’t come to Muhammad, then Muhammad must go to the mountain. In other words, build a Wheel of pain near a good thrall-farming location.

(Once I was attacked by a Purge with lots of named craftsmen. I had to build four lesser wheels of pain on the spot using the materials dropped by the other Purge warriors.)

Before mounting the horse: Reconnect. Then you should see the thrall… Yeah, its annoying.


hmm that is interesting, i got to try that will save me lots of grumbling!

This is only a graphical glitch. You will need to unbind, run off and then come back to make in re-render. It should pop up somewhere around the map room. then you can rebind and drag on the horse.


Whenever u port with a chained thrall, the thrall is just not visible… If u accidentally or intentionally use left hand for any reason ( torch, shield,climb,horse etc), no need to panic… The bug is only visual… u do not have to relog though… Just run out of render range and return to the spot where u unequipped the chain. Thrall will be there sleeping and ready to be picked up again…


Wouldnt recommend doing that with this patch anymore. Relog is often faster. No need to run off somewhere and then search. When I relog I even have the thrall attached to the rope.

Also it looks likes NPC resets after a while. Or someone was bored and cleaned all knocked out exile and darfari fighters…

Made 3 rounds from the Dregs up to the summoning place, to get another Ansinia and left one Bnaru and many fighters & archers knocked down. Every thrall was reset, when I came back for the next round…

We were only 4 people online at that time (total at server).

BUT: Who came up with the Idea, that you lose the thrall on the rope when you use the horse… Why do we even have to bind it again??

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