Dragging NPCs on Horse

Please Please Please allow us the ability to mount and dismount our horse without dropping the KO thrall we’re dragging. Having to let go to dismount will result in a lot of lost unconscious thralls.


Thank you for your feedback Melkat, we’ll be sure to relay it to the team.


I would suggest having the ability to interact with the wheel of pain from horseback. You could also look at interaction with followers, gates and other items while on horseback.


exactly what I fear will happen. And all of our maprooms cannot be accessed from horseback so… yikes.

Fastest way to see such a thrall again is with reconnecting…

But you have to search a little bit then… I wanted to give a volcano thrall a friend and ported to this Sepermeru obo.
When I releaesed the thrall no one saw it. After reconnect i was able to chain him again…

But it was not directly near me, but in a 20-30m radius.
But as you cannot see the thrall, its hard to say where it would have been.

So when you accidently lose a thrall on a horse after porting, it will be for sure a nightmare to find it

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