CE seems to be spamming Windows Event Log

(The template is completely irrelevant and out of context in this case)

Lately it seems the game is spamming the Windows Event Log with pretty much everything that’s logged as an error within the game engine.
This was not the case in the past, I am unsure whether Win11 got a bit more diligent with collecting errors raised by unreal or the game update caused this somehow, but pretty much every game-error flagged by the engine is ending up in the Event Log causing huge spam.

Here’s an example screenshot:

As an additional note, as you can see… rose-bushes tend to raise a lot of errors.


Hello @Xevyr

Thank you for reporting these issues to us, but please make sure to use the given Bug Report Template.

This template may seem irrelevant, but it’s required for us to properly register any bugs.

You can find it here: NEW Bug Report Template

Thanks in advance!


We understand the template might not make sense and feel extensive but it will assist us in directing the issue to the responsible people. Please reply to this message with the requested information so we can forward it.

  1. Game mode: did you notice this on Singleplayer, or online?
  2. Server type: private, official server, or co-op?
  3. Server name: name or the number of the official server.
  4. Mods: do you have any mods installed or had any mods active by the time you notice the issue?

Thanks in advance.

Hey Mayra,

Upon further investigation and trying to retrigger the issues repeatedly in all modes, it turns out that they’re being raised by the dedicated server application and not the game itself.
They merely have the same process name so they’re logged as ConanSandbox as you can see in the original picture above.

That’s why it was happening in all modes etc, since I had the server running in the background and more than likely others who confirmed the bug also had a dedicated server running on their computers, since they are modders and probably often use it to test things.

This information should clear up all the confusion and answer all the questions as well.

To further clarify, in my case I have the dedicated server app installed directly from Steam, so it’s not running through the dedicated server launcher made by Toolguy, though I imagine that would be doing the same as it’s running the same server application in the background.
Hopefully now it can be reported to the appropriate place :slight_smile:




Thank you very much for the clarification and additional information.

Have an amazing weekend! :smiley:


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