High CPU usage, log warning spam (dedicated server)

Hello, We have a private server running on 16gb of ram and a Skylake xeon, we are running vanilla conan on latest update. We noticed high cpu usage (not affecting in-game experience per-se), and constant warning log spam. This was not something that happened to this extent on previous builds. Here is an example screenshot, this spam floods the log like this indefinitely while the server is online.

Forum wont let me upload images… otherwise i would include a gyazo link

AI:Warning: Data: NPCTerritorySpawner_307: Attempting to spawn wildlife… … … Capsule trace failed… there is no ground to spawn npc on…

Does these hundreds of times per second. Our server we have one base compound, and we didnt flood the map making it unspawnable. This log spam is a little rediculous, its using 15 to 25% cpu even when there is no one online. We have enough horsepower to overcome it, but this seems to not be a normal behavior as this level of log spam was never on the previous builds I have run servers on.

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Had a similar issue with Bp_player_controller spamming. Noticed it after several players stated they were hung up on the loading screen for up to 30 min. Don’t know if its related (the two issues) but note worthy at the very least. Maybe I should make a separate thread for Dedi Server log on’s. Naw, I’m lazy lets ride this one for 24 hours and see if anyone else has the same problem. Keep up the great work FC, loving the changes.

Something like this. Screenshot taken in SP. Had built over a shaleback/croc spawning area.


I would post logs and screenshots but the forum is restricting me for some reason…

We hit 40% cpu usage spikes from this. Can anyone chime in and explain why the game is losing its mind like this? Its a constant flood of logs.

This is server wide, definitely. Lets pray to Crom that it gets fixed…maybe not Crom…he don’t care.