Server app launching, but suddenly not performing well

Hello all:

I’ve been unable to find anything related to the issue I’m currently having with my server, so I’m posting here in hopes that someone can help.

Currently running a Conan server on a dedicated host - unmanaged with plenty of resources (Xeon 3.6ghz -32 gb ram). I am using the Funcom server hosting app.

Its been running fine up until about 3 days ago, with nothing changed in terms of mods or configuration.

Usually it runs with a relatively low CPU consumption (3-6%) and a baseline of 6gb ram usage (jumping all the way up to 10 with 20-odd players connected). Out of nowhere, it has jumped up its CPU usage (16-18%) and seems to use less than 4 gb of ram - while periodically the server process itself is briefly going unresponsive, which is causing performance issues for players. Ping spikes up, and tickrate drops.

I have copied the saved folder over to my personal machine and run the server on a new install of the launcher app and the issue didn’t repeat.

I then tried reinstalling the launcher on the server box and copying over the saved folder and the issue persisted.

Any ideas on where to look?


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