Challenge: Hire a Patron from the Barkeeper

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I’ve hired a few exile patrons with gold that have been sitting about on chairs, however the challenge has not completed. Is this challenge asking something else; for example hiring someone via “Enlist Contact” from the barkeep directly to fulfil the Challenge requirement? Does anyone know?

Thanks in advance.

Enlist a contact

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So how do you get patrons into the list? Mine remains empty but my bar is full.

Free the sell sword at a purge. You can then enlist him at the bar. But paying 1000g to be able to buy stuff from him for more gold, for measly 700points in the battlepass is ridiculous


I’ve got a bartender and a full tavern, but there is nothing listed under patrons. And what do you mean by buying something from the battlepass to be able to buy from him?

To paraphrase Ianier67:

  • Do Purges until you get Iskar the Sellsword in one of the cages.
  • Free him.
  • Talk to the Barkeeper and use “Enlist Contacts”.
  • Hire Iskar for 1000 gold pieces.

The comment about the battlepass was meant to say that all this effort is not worth getting 700 (with x10 multiplier) points on the battlepass.


This is probably one of those challenges that should be re-worded. Hire a patron and enlist a contact are a bit different… plus there’s the fact that it says “from the barkeeper” which is very specific, yet the rest of the wording leaves it ambiguous at best.


And hiring a patron does not complete the challenge.

Yes, I know… that’s why I said it needs to be re-worded to reflect “enlist a contact from the barkeeper.” As others have stated, you need to first free Iscar the Sellsword from the purge cages, then he’ll show up in the list for 1000 gold coins.

Oh… Noob questions please help :pray:t6:.
Does my bar needs to be close to my purge base?
Do i have to hire him while i free him, is there a timer?

There are no time or distance requirements afaik.

My purge base is near New Asgard, and my (test) bar at Sepermeru. If that’s okay, I assume that there are no limits.


Thanks a million :star_struck: @Khaletohep.

No limits… you can even have multiple bars. I have one at my main base near the jungle, one in my longhouse outpost near new asagarth, and TWO in my real tavern on the frozen lake between the dam and the black keep. Meanwhile, my purge base is out near the black galleon.

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