Changable FuncomID

Hi there,

here are so many request for different reasons. But not a single answer from funcom.

Why can’t we change our FuncomID? TEST#12345, a steady number is okay (like discord or BlizzardID) but why can’t we change the name like before?

Some people habe their real names as their Steam name and now it’s visible ingame and maybe in streams on twitch -> crap!

As a roleplayer, I always chose my character’s last name as the Steam Name and only entered the first name during character creation.

Char Name: Pablo
Steam Name: Garcia

Ingame player list: Pablo Garcia
It would be okay if it now reads: Pablo Garcia#12345

But if I change my character, for example to a Vanir/Aesir, then it would be now:
Ragnar Garcia#12345 -> crap!

So please…make the letters of the ID changeable.

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