Change the Ostrich/Showbill animations place. Remove charge

The charge attack they do starts to knock you down before they even run forward. The telegraph looks so weak and un-immersive. If you wanna give these birds some form of knockdown then get rid of the charge and replace it with a kick. Watching the trip animation reset over and over in rapid succession look dumb.

Plus it looks extra stupid when you step out of the way when they use it. It looks overdramatic then it needs to be. No creature does that. Every other creature looks okay but these birds need an animation overhaul badly.

the thing that gets me is how spindly they look… they don’t look like they could knock down a max height character with heavy armor lol

Well then stumble.

They can still knock us over with that weak looking charge they do. Many times over the course of it to which looks so stupid.

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