"Charging attacks" or "attacks while running"

Since a played this game I’ve noticed that PvP doesn’t work very well. When 2 players have the same or similar stamina it’s almost impossible that the one chasing finally completes his objective.
We’ll, I started thinking in a solution since the avoid move nerf update because I thought that there had to be a possible waythis move to sttay in the game without making impossible the PvP (Horses wasn’t in the game here).
Then, I had an idea. What about if instead of wasting your stamina chasing over and over you could use it to make a try on your enemy? That’s how I started thinking about these “Charging attacks”.
When I realized that the real reason to make dissappear this move was the horses I thought that this idea was impossible to be in the game because the horses solved the problem.
Some time has passed since the horses update and as I have experienced, the problem isn’t fixed, it has adapted to the actual battle system. Now it’s impossible for 1 player with a horse to chase another one with a horse.
I think there should be a way for a chase to have an end, even if the chaser wins or the other one does. Here’s how I think it should works:

  • If you make an attack while you are running at the max speed (not riding a horse), an “Charging attack” would be realized (always a heavy attack, even if you press the light attack button).
  • If you hit an opponent, you will knock him to the ground, taking (at least) 1 second of delay for him to start moving again.
  • If you miss the attack (doesn’t hit an enemy), you will have a penalization of movement (the second perk of encumberence will not effect this penalization) for (at least) 2 seconds (this will make the chase more intense and the chaser will think twice before attacking).

After specifying that, this new movement would be a game changer and a fresh new touch to the game. In addition, I think this will make less important horses and not as OP as they are now.

Also, if this idea would be in the game, I think that the fifth perk of encumbrance should get a buff like using less stamina for running, just to balance for those who wants to farm a lot of resources and make it harder to lose (Even if I think that if you do this type of strategy you should have a clanmate to defend you), this will make no problem for solo players

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