Raiding, PVP, Horses, Followers

  1. Raiding: its broken, you spend hundreds of bombs add maybe a God than your opponent bolts out and body vaults, a month later comes back and the process starts again. My suggestion on how to fix this is bodies should die even if you are not logged in either by thirst or hunger. Please find a way and fix this.

  2. Pvp: I know people aint gonna like this one but ill say it anyways. 1 horse and 1 guy on foot the chase goes on and on, your pvping someone on the ground and they non stop walk and run in circles around you for an eternity. My suggestion is that once your stamina is depleted than you become immobile for lets say 3 to 5 seconds in order to catch your breath.

  3. Followers: Please add an option on the follower command for them to only attack world npcs and no players or player owned followers. This would be useful for allies when farming or doing dungeons etc.

What do you guys think?

I think it takes a week for a body to vault into thin air. You make it sound like the player runs out the front door of their base, turns left and vanishes…


You can already kill them easily when they are healing with potions. If you fail to hit your opponent because you have no aim, then I am sorry.

But we will see what PvP Update 2.2 will bring.


I understand that:

1/in point 1:
it will be very pleasant and fair to destroy more easily ppl when they are outside the game, but safely sleeping inside their Castle.

2/ in point 2:
it will be unpleasant and unfair to kill an enemy who acts outside his castle and try to escape on foot to your heavy warhorse (or to the harrassing fire from your light Skytian horse)

Of course, it seems to me very strange… and clearly very unfair.

With the “Riders of hyboria” DLC I was happy to see some Poitainians or Aquilonians Knights. I was happy to see Turanians or Hyrkanians horsearchers dominating plains…

I hope some Knights or ProdomoĂŻ will stay to chase explosives users before they reach the main door.

Conan is a barbarian… but it seems to be gallant in most occasions.

1- If body vaults are gone, it Will be really hard to fight against alphas… Conan pvp nowadays are not base on skillplay anymore, it’s base on who have more horses and thralls/cats. So if you try to invade a server, body vaults are your best Friends on pvp official servers.

2- it’s already VERY very easy to catch and kill other players. You have the OP horses to follow the enemy, you have kittens to catch and bring them to the ground, archery is in a fine spot now too, throwing axes and finally the new healing potion animation.

3- followers itself are not the problem. (Besides the tigers) thralls are nerfed now and while mounted, you would never be hit by one
On the other side, tigers are OP as hell… It runs at the same speed as the horse, it has a insane amount of damage, it throws you to the ground, stacks bleeding and dismount you easily.

I’ve adressed some of the issues and gave some ideas here:

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