Charging Animals Destroy Resource in Path

A charging animal should destroy rocks, ores, trees, everything that’s down their path to get to you. Currently, I always jump around resources to avoid them. Don’t think it’s fair and makes them a far less of threat.


I would just be happy with animals being able to damage other animals when they are attacking you. Nothing more silly than seeing an elephant stomp the ground and you go flying but the tiger that was also attacking you has nothing done to it.

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That means a changing animal should be able to instantly destroy your base pieces as well

There was a short time last fall when the animal AI was kinda cool, well cooler anyway. All the aggressive types of animal would team up on any other type. It was like running through a war zone at times, but still more “alive”.

Not exactly, that’s the only thing it shouldn’t destroy.

But then why should it be able to charge through a boulder but not the wall you made from a boulder

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The argument was never for realism. Why do people always have to bring up a point, especially that particular point, when it was NEVER mentioned whatsoever. This is about enhancing the difficulty within the game instead of jumping through rocks and other debris to avoid confrontation from stronger animals. I am admitting that because of the way animal pathing works, I intentionally use these objects to avoid a charge, which is completely unfair in my opinion.

No an animal should not destroy structures, because it can be exploited just like how the pathing for a charge is already exploited. In fact, animals used to damage structures before. As far as I’m away, they don’t anymore because people like me have exploited it. You sure you want that kind of realism?

Idc, I don’t see the issue with jumping on a rock to avoid an animal. Shouldn’t you not do it if it bothers you?

Yeah I kind of agree with this. When the animals comes running into these objects, the physics they already have in the game for harvesting could come into effect. The animals would also appear to have more weight by destroying these things, which would add to realism.