Game need improvements, is that elephant running backwards? o.0

Hello, it’s me Shep your favorite forum addict :smiley:

Well i finally got to more then 1 k h of playing the game, not counting afk time :stuck_out_tongue:

I really need to suggest some refinement to the game, because it’s so impotent for the whole experience. I have observed a lot of small strange things happening that is not happen in other games like this game, even if they use the same game engine.

Ready? here we go!

Animals movement are not great and often if it is a big animal it moves in a lagging way(Janky movement) or in some cases backwards. This need real refinement, most animal skins look really amazing so it not great when they then start moving that it just breaks the immersion.

Big animals and stuff they get stuck on like small trees and rocks. This really needs to be looked at, don’t tell me an elephant is supposed to get stuck on a small tree or rock. hehe, it looks really funny sometimes but is really bad for game play and visual impresion.

The npc’s human and animal don’t react sometimes and are unable to hit you while you move. This might be a general issue with the Ai and restrictions put on npc’s. The, you cant move while hitting rule should not apply to npc’s. Please get rid of this rule and get an Ai that can use more cpu strings or something!

Animals and human npc can not chase you over a small cliff or structures. They can’t even scale small hills sometimes. They also don’t search for you when they loose sight of you. This breaks the game play and removes some of the survive factor. Some animals should be able to climb or trow stuff at you when they can not reach you or they should run away.

Fall damage should be adjusted for the horse and player. it feels like double jump should not cancel fall damage and should only be something you can do few seconds after the initial jump.

That is some of it, i am sure that people have noticed more stuff being wrong with the local wildlife and unnatural movement? Maybe also add that some animals can destroy sandstone like the Wild Rhino.

o/ Shepard

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