Game physics damaged

The only thing that annoy me now are the flying rhinos, elephants, dragons, … . Can you finally fix the bug? As a new player you think this is a mistake, but apparently it’s been around since the beginning.

So many players have brought up the issue, you just have to search the chat. Can there be an official answer to this?

Please dear developers, that should be feasible for you.

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Furthermore you can see deer taking off from the ground and floating in the air even in the desert. I don’t have a suitable screeshot at the moment.

I hope you can start something with the description.

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I have no idea if the following is correct, just something I saw someone comment in the past - apparently the ‘flying deer’ thing is related to something in graphic settings (render distance maybe?) - I’ve never actually experienced it myself (though have seen it in plenty of videos) - but that may be just because I’m on singleplayer.

@Hyborian_Jones - if the faint trace of memory serves - you might have mentioned something about flying deer at some point that could help our friend here?

Gamemode: Singleplayer

Flying rhino and elephants will not be fixed funcom said so and I find it funny :laughing: unless they have to also prioritize this is like last on the list

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Huh, ok. So I wonder why it’s happening for you but not for me. I’m running a 1060 graphics card, with all the settings on high, if that makes any difference? (I’m not really sure how it would, but I always assumed the reason I’ve never seen flying gazelles is that it doesn’t happen on singleplayer - clearly I was wrong about that…)

I’ve seen a couple of different animals types ascend into the heavens. Mostly gazelles but occasionally other weird things like scorpions. I’ve seen it happen both on PS4 and on PC. Usually seems to occur in specific locations to specific mobs. You probably just haven’t ever been in the right place at the right time to see it.

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It’s happened to me on both single player and a private dedicated server, and like Helium said, mostly gazelles. I have seen a few other critters ascend into the heavens looking for their own type of paradise.

Although a bit weird, it’s certainly not something I feel concerned enough to address.

Who knows, maybe we’ll get antigravity belts :soon:




I have seen gazelles rise into the air on my private server as well. But they will usually be rendered on the floor again when I run up to them.

There was a time where the dev’s said they were going to fix the rhino issue but a large portion of the community that has been here since EA said that they would that one “glitch” should stay. it’s kinda a nostalgia thing at this point for the long term players. because it’s been around since early early EA


Reposting this for no reason whatsoever :thinking:


It’s not funny anymore. It’s just annoying when you farm hides. Fix this!

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It’s very funny and should never be changed.


I thought it was funny, lol. It should be fixed though yes, lol.

I actually had this happen the other day (live) with a mammoth we were fighting that was still alive, it was down to about 1/3rd health the all of a sudden flew up into the air and landed a fair way from us.

maybe they can fix the physics and add us older players a placeable that we can smack and it’ll go flying… lol


Foul ball try again lol but I :heartpulse: rhe picture

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I hope that’s not a male hippo!
I mean… what else could it be if you are playing baseBALL.

Ouch! :rofl:


IF it was male, then we know the count had at least 2 balls.


It was fixed for quite some time in a past patch
But… after some more patches it returned

It can be annoying and funny
But what is worse… getting stuck in one…