Rhino & elephants flying physics

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Killing a rhino or elephant results in the animal having crazy physics and they are sent flying in the sky a long distance away making farming them annoying. Please fix it’s been like this for years…

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1 kill a rhino or elephant with any weapon
2. Watch them fly 100m meters away

This is an intentionally unfixed bug. Funcom thinks it is funny, so they have stated they have no intention to fix it.


As a workaround, you can set your max fps to 30 or 60 for the time you need to farm them and they won’t fly so far away. They only fly far with the high fps settings.

I thought the saying was “When pigs can fly” They never played Conan Exiles.

Anyone notice when the black rhino is near, the grey you kill always flie toward the boss?

I hope they don’t fix it, I always get a good laugh out of seeing an elephant or rhino launch 30 feet in the air.

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