These dam flying rhinos and elephants?

Maybe change the Conan gravity physics so they don’t fly off that far when killed?

I have to run across the area map sometimes to skin the bodies and if they are far enough away I watch the de-spawn before I can get there after killing them. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

:stuck_out_tongue: Not new information and something they don’t seem to give a flying rhino about. :slight_smile:

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Reiteration may wear them down :yum:

Bad enough the rhinos sink into the ground in one spot of the map then and become ninja rhinos like the sand deer of old during EA.

But some days when these things fly its juts a run fest of wasted time lol.

It is pretty funny though.
Seeing a mammoth fly from nordhof to the centre of asagarth never fails to make me laugh.
Its worth the skins i don’t get.


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