Elephants FLY when killed!

Elephants have a Physics Glitch when killed they fly across the ground thru the air!

The large, icy rocknoses up north are really bad about this. Every time I kill one, it ragdolls away super far.

usually i’m not a betting man, but my rhino throw last time i chopped on them for meat wasn’t that bad either :wink:
shot up like a ferret on fire straight across the northern steppes, even had to walk a while to,finish the harvest.

Hah. That happens almost every time I try to harvest anything. The corpses always fly away on the first hit and I have to chase them down… This happens for most creatures, but not humans or crocodiles.

It was amusing at first but gets kind of annoying. Especially when they fly off a cliff. Or up a cliff.

If you wait for a bit after they’re dead, (like 5 secs,) is seems to stabilize and it doesn’t happen anymore. It seems to be a physics issue, perhaps there is a cooldown on the ragdolling effect after dead and if that’s it it seems to be a bit too large.

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That seemed to work on a mammoth I just harvested. It bounced a bit, but at least it didn’t try to re-enact the space shuttle Challenger incident this time.

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Lol :smile:

Yeah, it happened to me with an elephant in the savannah too… worst part is that it landed on top of an NPC guard neaby lol so I had to aggro him in order to be able to harvest my kill lol

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