Balloon animals flying everywhere

Five years going in, and large animals like elephants and rhinos can still soar through the air when you kill them. It’s amusing the first time you see it, but it quickly becomes annoying when you can literally knock an elephant clear across the savannah.

This happens regardless of gameplay mode, and happens regardless of platform. Please, for the love of all that is good and holy in this world, just have animals drop where they’re killed.



In their last moments, these brave animals leap to the stars in the hopes of finally escaping the torment of being hunted and slain again and again.

Yet the cursed wall reigns in the sky above as it does on the sands below and it will not allow any being, man or beast, to escape it’s grasp.

And so they suffer an endless cycle… but they shall not relent!

Someday soon, rhinos & elephants will land on the moon!


This isn’t the first time it’s happened.
Things had settled down somewhat … BEFORE the last update.
So, it’s the return of an old malady … but what causes this one may not be the same as it was when that was finally “repaired”.
We’ll have to wait and see.

I killed a rhino near the lake out in the savannah and it quite literally knocked it out past the Dogs camp, beyond where that blood crystal rocknose spawns. It is completely ridiculous. And for a game that is supposedly about “gritty realism in a harsh world”, they might as well have a clown car show up with circus music playing in the background.



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Reminds me of Yogah of Yag in the Tower of the Elephant.

So maybe those pachyderms in the game are actually members of the same race from beyond the stars.

That said, yesterday a Rotbranch launched itself upwards upon dying and as far as I could see, never landed.

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Aaah the good old days. I remember back in the day when a good Conan adventure wasn’t genuine unless there was a scorpion happily waddling along in the clouds!


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RIP flying rhinos.
But if they already “fixed” that, they should’ve gotten rid of all the flying animals.
But the bigger problem nw is that when you want to chop them up, they fly away. The bigger, the further. Even birds jump away from you a couple meters. But I guess, this will also take years to fix…

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Not to worry, there’s the flying gazelles. You can keep those, I’m not a monster.

That too. When your ragdoll physics system is so out of whack that it knocks mobs outside of rendering distance, you just might have a code problem.

It has to have something to doo with the rag doll mechanism they use for animals, monsters and thralls. maybe the more heavy they are, the higher they fly? :smiley: :sweat_smile:

Killed a rockslide the other day near Fingerfang Rock. Had to watch as it sailed high over The Den and disappeared into the horizon.

You should at least get an achievement for that.

Think of them as achievements in the Bow skills tree.
‘I shot an arrow in the air. A rhino came down in Leicester Square…’


Yeah, some big enemies like to fly especially when they do some sort of AOE attack.
But fxck, that is the farthest I’ve ever seen!

Two-handed hammers seem to give the most “lift” for whatever reason.

We like this bug, this is the funny bug. At this point it’s a feature