Flying elephants and rhinos

Game mode: Single-player
Type of issue: Bug
Region: [Europa]

Why should I still looking to the sky and see my victory fly hundreds of meters away? Even when u harvest them they will fly from you?

Funcom this is a old bug, please fix it!

  1. Kill a elephant or rhino
  2. Check the sky if u can (grassy u know)
  3. Harvest them while u running after corpses

They only fly on the killing blow, and its not thaaaaat high and distant, I can harvest them fine, and honestly, I find the flying hilarious fun :smile:


I dont kidding it’s for real but not every time so high

or when you skin a animal the first hit with a skinning knife will move the animal away from you… not fun next to a ledge…

It is hilarious. But at the same time, it is also terribly sad. Immensely sad. This has been reported over and over again. The rhino / elephant rocketing launch painfully breaks the game immersion. This is a hallmark “lack of polish” bug that probably could be easily corrected if they had the resources to address the object properties as they relate to the physics engine.


This is not a bug, it’s a feature.

Seriously though, it’s probably just really low priority given everything else that needs addressing. I’m with Caco on this, I find it really amusing and I’d be genuinely sorry to see it ‘fixed’.

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I don’t know. I landed one is asagarth from nordhof. Hillarious.

Was a fun harvest too, back in the days when nordheimers actually used their shields to block your attacks.

Or over the green wall…

But I have to agree with some others, it is rather funny to see and it is not so bad that I can’t laugh it off and keep playing.

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Hmm. I’m torn. I laugh, too. But I also weep for the game, and it’s lack of polish. It has such INCREDIBLE potential. And then the rhino flies over the moon.

But, while we are at it, we might as well mod the rhinos and elephants to have astronaut outfits, or flight suits. You know… to complete the effect.


When I was first ‘discovering’ the game and how buggy it is, the animal corpse physics annoyed me as just another example of things wrong with the game. So many things!

However, over time playing, I actually came to enjoy that ‘bug’ to the point I hope they don’t change it. I enjoy the ragdoll effect of the corpses flopping around a bit, and astronaut rhinos are rare enough that it’s hardly a problem for me. I’m far more bothered by things like getting stuck inside them and dying, though this hasn’t happened (to me) for ages either, maybe it’s been fixed?

I definitely know what you mean by the lack of polish. It’s so frustrating and disappointing precisely because of how good the underlying game is. If it wasn’t as amazing as it is, no one would give a sh*t… we’d just forget about it and move on.

The concept(s) is brilliant, many aspects of the game (building, world map, art direction, combat system, music etc) are superb, and the potential is off the charts…

It’s a real shame that for whatever reason(s) the team hasn’t been able to fulfil their vision for the game, or at least polish it sufficiently… yet.

If they ever do… this game ‘should’ have been an Ark-killer. It still could be, but it’s hard to see that happening at this point. A lot of work would have to be done on the devs part, and I doubt that Funcom management would care enough to devote sufficient resources to try.

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It doesn’t help that the death throws (pun intended) seem to be client specific, so I might see it fly north, you might see it fly south, etc…

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Oh yes indeed…for the first time my clan mate and I killed a rhino together instead of hunting solo … I saw it fly one way and ran over there to mark the spot whilst he got his skinning knife out and check for other enemies … he headed off in the opposite direction … knelt down and skinned what appeared to me as empty ground …

Unfortunately the getting stuck into rhinos still occurs at least with using daggers … I think I was fortunate I did have my clan mate with me.

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I’d be happy with an Adam West Batman style “POW” or “BAM” to complete the effect.

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