Pred vs prey not realistic


why is it that ALL animals and monsters are allies by default? why would a lion attack a dangerous human with an axe over a doe nearby? itts like they didnt think about natural enemies to make it “challanging” or something, i see some fight each other, but, mostlythey ignore each other, also when being chased by a scorpion why would a cobra attack me too and not sometimes be enemies witht he scorpion? just dont make sense to me really.


Same. I was chased by two spiders yesterday and they followed me through an NPC village without attacking the NPCs. Instead, NPCs chased me, too.


Awesome, I would drag an animal king to a town and come back later to loot the bodies. xD


Before one of the updates, many animals were indeed attacking each other. To an extent (real example) where a wolf would be coming at you, but then being close enough to attack would turn and head off to attack an elk.
I watched on several occasions along the main river where a croc and large bird would go at each other. Sometimes the croc won, sometimes the bird won.

Before that update, there were many more animals … everywhere (many of them in unlikely places), that simply saw you as something to attack. You had to go out of your way to avoid being attacked or risked being killed by mobs of various animals seemingly teaming up to jump on you. Then with that was a spawning problem where groups of animals could be seen spawning in certain spots as you got near it. In one instance a group of elks spawned out of the ground giving you the impression that Yog Sothoth itself was emerging from the netherworld. (Outer Void according to Lovecraft) This was widespread.

All this has a lot to do with how they (or whoever they hired) have been working on the AI in this game.

Much of this seems to have been toned way down and organized a bit more eloquently although I think it’s been a bit overdone in the tone down.

Things that attack you now if you get within their agro range are wolves, rhinos, crocs, skeletons, snakes, elephants, large birds, rocknoses, sand locusts, certain Shalebacks, other humans, spiders … etc.
But mostly, they’re not all grouped up tightly overpopulating an area where it would no doubt turn into complete chaos. I do see occasionally now where certain animals will attack other animals and / or humans. But it’s not so common now.
Lately, I’ve gotten into my own little game of “Kick the Rocknose” . I’d run up behind it and kick it … then I’d run through a Dafari Camp with the rocknoses in tow. Sometimes it works if one of the Dafari makes the mistake of hitting the rocknose at which point they’ll turn on the most recent attacker. Other times, I end up fighting all of them. Try that some time and you’ll be surprised how much fun that can be.