Interaction between enemies

I have seen humanoid enemies combating monsters and animals, but I have never seen carnivorous animals hunting herbivorous, or monsters fighting each others. ¿It’s implemented yet? If not, it should be implemented, because that way the world could feel more alive and coherent.

I’ve seen bears and elk kings fight as well as sabertooths and elks fighting up toward the temple of frost.

The bear and the elk king are under the aqueduct, north of the breach, in case you want to check it out.

Also rhinos and tigers in the savannah area.

I would like to see the world be more alive though.

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I’ve also saw a spider fighting hyenas in the south area… in the expanse below the hills that give pass to the big spider area, a bit to to the west of the Sinner’s Refuge.

It’s ultra random… there’s a spider that spawns there, and some hyenas far away from it… but they wander a bit and they sometimes find each other and fight :slight_smile:

Also, if you follow the path to the east from Sinner’s Refuge to the very end at one point there’s a lonely Croc that spaws there in the middle of several spiders, I never saw them fight, but I saw the croc and the spider fighting one the Darfari NPC from a camp nearby at the same time :smiley:


It’s cool when they do this.

I think creatures and human NPCs should wander a lot further and have more spawn points.
One thing I liked in Ark was that creatures could wander incredibly far and spawn almost anywhere. This made traveling on foot a lot more interesting and immersive than it is in Conan Exiles; you could be attacked by a predator almost anywhere or see creatures fighting for their lives.

But in this game NPCs have specific spawn points and don’t move very far, so there’s no chance of ever running into anything unexpected after you’ve explored the map once. It makes the world seem static and dead whereas Ark maps are very much alive, especially the original map.

I know a lot of people compare Ark to this game, but sometimes it’s necessary (or at least helpful) to make a point.

Agreed! At first I thought that the fact the world was so static was a byproduct of me playing in SP mode… but I switched to dedicated server just to ‘solve’ a lot of issues and I thought that by doing that I would be able to observe more randomness… but no, not much changed at all in fact :expressionless:

The thing that I did see was that at least wolves in the north have a more interesting AI, even circling around you and attacking in pack… I don’t know if that’s intended or just an effect of strange pathing, but it looked cool! But then, I got to the frost palace in the north and fought the giants… and meh… all my hopes of better AI went down the drain :neutral_face:

Yeah, and I don’t think they’re working very good atm… if at all… if you stay at distance from an NPC camp, you can see them standing in place, spinning around, like they’re trying to start doing something, but couldn’t and resetting and starting again… it’s weird. I hope they fix AI troubles at some point, even if they don’t add much to it.

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Haha. Yes! These idiots can’t aim their axes downward so the only move they have that can hit a player is the stomp… They spin around and swing their axes wildly, hitting only air.

And it’s far from just them. Try this out. Go fight the sand reaper queen. Every time she attacks, hit her at least once. She will attack forward, every single time. She completely ignores the position of the player, rendering her utterly harmless. Some other creatures have the exact same behavior.

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I had a similar experience with the giant scorpion myself… I fought him once before installed the single player boss mod, and it took me 1 and half in game days to finish him off :smile:

So, in all that time I could notice some patterns and started doing something similar to what you describe, and while at first I was getting hit a lot and almost ran out of healing items, by the end of the fight, the last ~10 mins, I took almost no hits… I was glad that could finally kill him! Then, I closed the game and installed the single player health boss mod lol

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I had the same experience with the scorpion, but at least he attempted to hit me! (He even killed my dancer) The sand reapers don’t. It’s always a single forward attack… That’s all. That’s the entire pattern. And it’s the same with elk kings, kudus and I think some other creatures.

Yeah, scorpion was kinda intense for me… I really liked the fight, even with all the repetition and stuff… and even if it got tedious by the end. Since if I messed up, I ended with half-health, which seemed fair… and OTOH, if you didn’t mess up, you could fight him receiving no hits at all (I tackled him when I was ~L37 IIRC)

I haven’t found the Sand Reaper Queen yet, nor the big Kappa King that I heard mentioned several times… they’re probably in the region of the map that I haven’t explored much yet. I fought the normal sand reapers when crossing from the north to the salt-lake to gather brimstone, but they die too quickly now, two or three hits with the War Axe and they’re done :frowning: Almost couldn’t see their move-sets. Gonna have to find the Queen then…

And I might try disabling the boss health mod from now on too… since the health is way too low for the level I am at the moment… it was good for when I wasn’t L60 yet, but now I’m above L60 and stuff die way too quickly.

Of all the world bosses, I’ve fought the Big croco in the river, the other big Croc inside the path to the savannah, the White Kitty, and the Scorpion. Other than those, I also killed the big Croc inside the cave and the skeletal thing in the death whisper ruins, plus the end boss at the Dregs.

Haven’t messed with the black Rhino, not a fan of fighting from inside them at all :smiley: Nor have I messed with the big spider yet either… she’s kinda my neighbor and I like spiders, so no trouble for that side… it’s just, it’s SO big… I have a feeling that the hit-boxes of that thing will drive me MAD lol

Also didn’t mess with that tree looking thing on the west of the northern land… I was just passing there loaded with stuff and didn’t want to risk getting killed and having to run back to my corpse.

All in all, not much stuff that I found interesting to fight… even if some of the animations and movements are good… the hitboxes and patters aren’t that great, and that applies for you and your enemies.

Those are tiny ones. There are larger ones with a queen off to the east.
Kappa King? I’m not sure what this is. Is it the shellback king? I know that one is by a river. I know exactly where but I don’t want to spoil it.

There are two spider bosses that I know of. One in the open world and one in a cave.

Some bosses are very easy and die relatively quickly even at low levels. But then some still take a very long time even with legendary weapons and 50 strength, such as the monster crocs.

There’s two of the tree looking things as well. I fought the one in the shattered springs and tank-swapped with my dancer. That was kind of fun.

Yeah that one! I don’t know where he is… I just heard it named like that on Steam forums lol I’ll find him eventually :smiley:

He’s super weak. I killed him around level 12 with stone daggers. But then again I did the same with the monster croc… But the shellback went down ‘way’ faster.

We’re quite a ways off topic though… So to keep it on topic with “interaction between enemies”, I’ll just say that the monster croc owns dragons. That’s an interaction.