Non static enemies would make this game so much better

I like this game over Ark, just a personal preference. Ark is a great game. But static enemies in this game make it tedious at times. If enemies were non static and actually roamed a certain set distance, the game would be so much better for it.
I’m about 115 hours in and am already sick of the same NPCs being in the exact same position, doing the exact same thing.


when the game was first in EA we use to see NPC roaming pretty far. I mean you can actually set the roaming radius of each spawner to be wider and they would just choose a random location. Fun fact some of the rhinos roaming radius was so bad that it manage to climb on top of mountain it was funny as heck. So yes this can be fine to your liking in dev kit as a mod.

Yeah, I would love coming across hunting parties or bandits on horseback (we need the horses first though!)

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Damn, i wasn’t here that early. I waited for full release thinking that most problems would be fixed :frowning:
I understand the engine limitations and why we can’t have horses sadly.
Would love to see roaming :disappointed:

And yes even parties of say 6-8 ANYTHING would be great.

There was a mod called hostile world dunno if that still work and its a map edit of where they can spawn roaming party.

Cool, i better look that up.