Roaming hostile NPCs and beasts

Would be awesome to have some roaming mobs for a bit of random flavor.

One of my must have mods for Fallout 4 is called NPCs Travel.
Basically a random mob of NPCs that travel from A to B and then despawn.

A pack of wolves looking for trouble in the highlands.
Scorpions seeking out a new lair in the desert.
Exiles looking for a better shelter.
A frost giant on a walkabout.
Some cimmerians that finally decided to leave their haunted deathhole…

You dig?


that would be great atm beside fixed spawn which you learn quite early if you do the same route so you see nothing unexpected that would be a very nice feature IF you could see from afar, if i m dragging a lvl 4 thrall i finaly found to be caugh in a rhino stampede and have it die i would be sad ^^

Or some roaming named thralls? Or roaming friendly npc to barter with?

I don’t care really, just anything to break the highly predictable presence of mobs.

Technically, it’s a variation of ONE purge wave.

  • At random, a mob of NPCs spawns in your vicinity, but out of your visual range.
  • The mob has a destination somewhere on the map. Should not be too far though.
  • The trajectory should be within your visual range so you have a chance to spot them.
  • If they pass you and go beyond your “visual range” they’ll despawn. Mimicing you lost track of them.
  • If you follow. They will continue to their destination.
  • If you follow to their destination, they will stop, and act like any normal placed NPC.
  • If you leave and get out of the “visual range” they’ll despawn.
  • You are free to engage the mob at any point and the mob will also be susceptible to attacks from other placed NPCs.

I like the idea.

This is desperately needed at the moment.

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