Free roaming npc's

I would like to see the npc’s on single player do something besides just standing there looking dumb (mostly talking about fighter/archer thralls that aren’t assigned). It would be great to see them walking around, maybe having conversations with one another. It makes it look more like we are building a civilization.


I’d go a step further and say that I think they should leave their camps occasionally and raid nearby player settlements. Perhaps Thugra’s group could raid N’ batu’s or Asgarth could raid the towers group.
Maybe even some harder wandering warriors.
Would certainly give them a purpose for being there other than feebly defending their chests from you.

Yeah I think it would be cool to make it if you build near a camp or say raid a city it has the AI to raid you back. This feature would most likely make me just play solo. Here lately PvP has gotten dull. Clans seem to only raid the weak. Doing this kills the server. Noone to play against and everyone that’s already large and hard to raid are just left to farm and build none to fight with.

I’d like to see an OPTION to allow them that.

I mean I use guards and archers especially on walls FOR DECO. but these soldiers should stand guard and not roam free…

On the other hand I have some useless bearers/fighters behind a counter (Imagined as merchants/bartenders) and some folks near chairs in the same building as customers (because I cannot assign them onto a chair). so for them some “alive feeling” would be cool.