Singleplayer Blues (Updated)

Right now I’m too put off by pvp to hop on that, and pve has some issues of its own, so the singleplayer is what I prefer. There are others who feel the same. The players just need some new things to click on or maybe something spontaneous to occur now and then in-game to keep things fresh. It doesn’t have to be spectacular. Dialogue between npcs would be fine. Anything that get’s the player excited to explore and conquer is going to help.

I’m just going to throw this out there and ask if Funcom have considered making this game a persistent world? Maybe have the tribes fight each other while the player is on AND off the game. When we return to it, we find that the Black Hand and Darfari are at war for example, perhaps with dead bodies laying around. Maybe there could be slave caravans that pass by so the player can free them and make them their thralls. What about traveling merchants like the Witcher 3?

In regards to the technical side of singleplayer especially, I’m playing on the base ps4 and believe it is capable of producing slightly better graphics (textures, draw distance, etc.) even with its inferior hardware. Any improvement here would be greatly appreciated, but if not a steadier framerate will help a lot as well. Anyways, good luck with all your work on the exiled lands Funcom!

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you do realize that in singleplayer the game is being stored on your PC. just like with skyrim. you are just continue where you left off. You would have to be running the game 24/7 on your PC or at home server built.

I’m actually on PS4, but yeah I know you can pick up where you left off. It’s just that when I re-enter the game it would be interesting if something happened that I could follow up with. Not like the pvp where “someone raided your stuff, so go get revenge”, but maybe a new faction appears or a stranger leaves you a mysterious note or something. There are lots of directions they could go with it.

A thought struck me earlier and I wanted to mention before I forget. Maybe as you guys work the kinks out of the game and add polish, you can gradually try to rebrand the game as a quality singleplayer experience with mulitplayer, rather than a mutliplayer experience with singleplayer. No need to take away online play or change the actual mechanics already built into it, just maybe put subtle cues in the rhetoric of the games’ store advertising, site ads, and menus to help the new players see that game really shines solo or with a friend.

Why do this? Well, to save the players time in getting to the best part of the game in my humble opinion. Looking for a good clan can be tedious and finding a server of good people even more so, but playing alone or hopping in a co-op with a friend is near seamless in games these days (without bugs galore). What a tactic like this can do for Funcom in the short term is take peoples’ attention away from the failings of the servers, online related bugs, etc. and in the long-term, build a loyal cult following of people who absolutely love the game for its gameplay versus promoting the game to a target audience of people just trying to jump on the latest PVP trend and likely to demand refunds when they can’t knock little timmy’s fort over. These fickle players will never have your back Funcom and will drop the game as hastily as they have picked it up, but the true fans will be forever (ok not forever, but they’ll stick around more so).

In regards to why singleplayer is just better, my main reason is not bugs, but that the raid-revenge-repeat cycle of PVP (being the both the aggressor and non-aggressor at times) besides getting old quick, started to feel really immersion breaking because all of a sudden clan politics were more critical to survival than living off the land and just being a barbarian, which is generally what the cinematic trailers portray and the mental picture the player has before going into the game. It felt inconsistent and there was a disconnect between what Funcom was pushing for its players (pvp and pve) and the singleplayer which i found to be superior.

With lots of pvp experience in other genres, but little survival genre pvp experience in my repertoire prior to Conan Exiles, it was not hard for me to get suckered into the seeming thrill of pvp, and likewise the pve servers sounded cool, but people with more than a few hours invested in it are still complaining about building decay, missing loot, land rights, etc and it sounds like just as much of a headache as pvp. There are also people building monstrous eye sores like gigantic walls blocking off areas for example, which seems super immersion-breaking as well. I am even willing to posit that without lag, bugs, or griefers, maybe the pve would be better than the singleplayer, but I have yet to see this ideal state of the game.

Therefore, since singleplayer is the best mode currently, are you guys going to still continue to shoehorn multiplayer into being the focus? If so, PVP and PVE will need tons of iterating to get them to be better, right? Ha! That seems like too much work with not enough time to do it in. But, maybe that is just you guys’ cross to bear, in which case you have my sympathies. If I am flat out wrong about anything mentioned here, I apologize. It is just my current perception of things as of 6/5/2018 and I am only one console player and do not run a gaming company or have major marketing chops, just trying to do whatever I can to help. Even if you never read this, I wish the best for your company in making this game the best survival experience it can be.