Single Player DLC

I have enjoyed the game don’t get me wrong, but like a lot of people I bought the game because it was advertised as being able to play in a single player mode. But a lot of elements that are required of a PVP game are just frustrating in a single player game. And of course you can’t have some single player elements in a PVP game.
What I would PAY for would a DLC that enables a real single player experience. Especially for someone like me who is time poor.

Things that could be changed/added for a Single Player DLC

  • Saved game with permadeath
  • Some non-hostile NPCs and settlements.
  • Change some of the Journey tasks like to “Fire a Trebuchet” more useful for a single player DLC.
  • The ability to pause the game
  • Game balancing for solo players

A saved game for consoles would be great. People are losing their offline building’s to save to the console would improve things.

I restart when I die… Thou a feature to enforce it might be nice… (I think most of my deaths are BS lag spikes or enemies who hit me thru wall or floor cause there under it… )

SP, sadly from what has been asked, is Tied to alot of inner workings of Online systems. So not alot of things can be changed with out ruining the core game.

Fire treb more useful? Like having them set up around map to fire into the larger camps and murder 10+ peeps? Or to farm world bosses. =3

Pause game… we use to be able to… no idea why they removed.

I do agree thou, SP could use (or solo players) some love for the game mode. (I mostly play with out thralls… thou new AI changes kinda ruined Souls Feel many of Bosses had. (now most of them hit way to hard)

+Not having a respawn timer.

Another thing that could be ok in a single player DLC is, being able to use a obelisk to go back to your map-room.

FUncom told everyone over a year ago, this was not designed to be a solo game, and from that point on they made sure its true.

I totally understand the frustration of Singe Players then,
however, such a game is a great endevour to work on, and if they focus on certain aspects;
its the only way that you will actually achieve some depth, which is too often lacking in contemporary games. Under that premise, i am happy if Conan:Exiles goes “all in” into a certain direction, making it a unique experience with its own premise.


Problem is that the game was advertised as being able to played in single player, but solo payers “got no love” then later they turn round and say it’s not a single player game.

As a fellow single player, I can certainly agree such a DLC would be nice, but I also don’t think we are as ignored as all that. Sure, Siptah was not particularly balanced for single players - the devs even acknowledged this somewhere and said they plan to re-examine the balancing to make certain aspects more suitable for us - but that doesn’t mean the game is ‘not a single player game’. Unless someone can actually show Funcom saying that somewhere, in which case I will certainly raise a lot of noise about it.

The problem is that attempting to make a game that is functional for single player, group PVE, PVE-C and PVP is an ambitious move, and will inevitably result in difficulties balancing one against another. The very fact that none of those groups is 100% satisfied, and people from all of those groups look at other groups and say ‘why is the game being balanced for them and not for us?’, suggests that Funcom is at least trying to maintain this delicate balancing act.

To put it simply - no.
The game was sold with the multiple game modes - to abandon any of them after three years would be false advertising. And if Hyborian Jones is correct that they announced abandoning single player a year ago, why was the game sold to me less than a year ago as a ‘single player game’?
Personally, I would be extremely angry if Funcom decided to abandon any of the advertised play modes - irrespective of whether I play them or not - even if doing so might improve the game mode I play. That’s a part of why I support RodusMaxumus’ suggestion of a possible DLC - that would be a way to improve things for one play mode without harming others - though I suspect it may not be technically feasible.

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