NPC creatures attacking not in sync with their animations

Game mode- All across official, and private

Type of issue- performance

Server type-PVP and PVE


Hardware- xbox series X

Bug description- when fighting Elk King deer bears terrifying giant ogre things essentially all animals and beasts ingame aside from humanoid Npc’s which work pretty well have animation inconsistencies with movement and attacking.

This bug may be performance related but that is definitely more you guys territory than mine but whereby fighting creatures in game they start any attack animations but the damage output seems to be way ahead of the physically attack animation.

Say if the king elk or crocodile goes to do a forward attack they will do damage to me while idle before the animation even starts but this bug applies to all creatures I have seen

Expected behaviour- for ingame attacks amd movement to be in sync with attacking and movement animations so that dodging attacks and blocking is more reliable.
(to enable smooth flowing abuse of the local wildlife and fauna)

Steps to reproduce- getting into combat with any non humanoid creature on the Isle of siptah especially the King elk tusk beasts and lynx.

Additional- there is also an issue were melee attacking tusk beasts and rhino with any weapon will get characters and thralls stuck into the creature unable to move.

Other than that from a game preview fan going back to 2018 you guys are doing spectacular work with conan I cannot believe how far it has come.

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Thank you for your feedback. We’ll keep working on improving AI the best we can! :smiley:

Keep an eye out for future patch notes and thank you for your support!


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