Changed password for Game. Can no longer log in

I forgot my password and needed to change my password for my game, now i can’t log into the game no more.
“Authentication Failure. Please note that passwords are case sensitive. (14)”

I can log in on the webpage (register.ageofconanDOTCOM), but not in game.
I have tried many times changing Game password via the webpage (and wait 15 - 90470 minutes), but it does not work.
Also tried deleting the game, and install it (both from Steam and webpage client), not working.

Validate game files via Steam does not work.
I also tried deleting files in: C:\User"PC_NAME"\appdata\Local\Funcom - No luck.
Delete file “LocalConfig.xml” (so it can be downloaded again when you run Patcher) - Does not work.

I have tried everything. It’s simply impossible to log into the game…!

Also, what i do notice in the forums. I am not the only one having this trouble. Many who have been changing password can’t log into the game no more.

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