Cant login "authentication failure please note that password are case sensitive (14)"

Hi, its first time trying to play this game, have buyed a membership but cant play, cant log in the game. But i can in the account. Please fix this.


According to a post i read on the forums some time ago, it will be ok when you request a password change on the website for both account and game at once. and then use that new password.

edit: source: Solution to "Can't log in to game after changing password" / “Authentication Failure. Please note that passwords are case sensitive. (14)”

I have changed password maybe over 8 times now, nothing changes :frowning:

Check your capslock or language state on input.

Nope, that is not working even. It will not accept the TEMP password now.

same error, i try to play first time

I dowloaded the game from Steam. Maybe there is the problem, but to install and uninstall the game again its terribly long.

I have tried every solution given in this and the other forum post and none its for use :frowning:
I really wanted to play T_T